Prolotherapy Does Help many with OA issues

I've had some PROLO therapy injections over the years and could use more, but not right now.

There is the original Prolo (dextrose solution), PRP, platlets injected from your own blood and the latest is Stem cells. You can find loads of info on all this Regenerative Medicine work.


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    I've not heard of prolotherapy but I do know that one of our forum members, some years ago, spent a fortune travelling twice to USA for stem cell therapy and all it did was lighten his bank balance. Perhaps you will fare better with your therapy. I hope so.

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    Here’s an article you might find interesting about prolotherapy from the Arthritis Organisation in the USA. It’s not something that’s currently available on the NHS:

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  • Prolo is all over the world and very big in the U.S. Providers are doing what they can with Prolo to keep people from often devistating surgeries... But it's a surgery world mindset and insurance won't pay for Prolo work as it can WORK and so so much less money overall. And too much good "stuff" will put surgeons out of a lot of their business. I've been alive too long to see thru it all.