Please advise me on benefits

I’ve been on and off of work now for 2 years with dr notes about the pain in my spine and arthritis in my hip. I have 3 dehydrated discs, a fracture in a disc as well as a disc on a nerve. I also have my arthritis in my hip and they are thinking my knee. I was a teaching assistant and when I could go back to work I was only doing 2 hours a day as that’s what occupational health told me. I had to give up my job in Feb as I’ve been in so much pain and I didn’t think it was fair and as I was on SSP for nearly 12 months my money would stop. Is there anything I can claim benefit wise? Would PIP be an option for me as my husband does occasionally need to help dress and undress me, I have mobility issues and I sometimes cannot get in and out of the shower on my own. Any advice would be great.

thank you