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I am 51 and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both my knees this was 2 years ago now I had X-ray and was told over the phone I had osteoarthritis and I could go on waiting list for steroid injections . I’m still waiting my knees are getting worse my mobility is getting harder . I ring my doctors say how much pain I’m in they do nothing just give me the gel . I asked for another X-ray to see how bad it has got but was told no you only get one X-ray . It’s getting me down I feel like I have been left to suffer. Every day it’s a struggle to get up and about


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    Hi and welcome,

    It's great to meet you, you have come to the right place for information and conversation with others like you living one or more forms of arthritis

    There are many here more than happy to share their experience as you share yours.

    This link is for general information regarding any type of arthritis

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    if you have a specific question please post in the Living with Arthritis discussion or for general chat in the Chit Chat discussion. Just join in wherever you feel comfortable


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    I suggest that you request a referral to the Pain Clinic at your local hospital, if your GP refuses then consult a different Doctor. As well as telling you that you have OA they should have told you what stage it has reached in your knees and only further Xrays can determine deterioration. You can also ask for a referral to a Physio but also check your local Health Authorities website as sometimes you can also self-refer thereby by-passing your GP. Also see https://www.versusarthritis.org/media/1259/osteoarthritis-of-the-knee-information-booklet.pdf

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    Thank you Very much . I felt like they gave me a diagnosis and have just left me to cope with it . Each time I phone up I get ignored.

  • Hi Jackie

    Sorry to hear that you've not been offered some more positive options since your diagnosis.

    When anyone is trying to manage the age related changes in their joints there are some options to explore which are to do with how you manage your health - they can be called self-management. Exercise and keeping moving is one. Research shows that people with osteoarthritis really benefit from muscle strengthening exercise. If a joint is worn, having strong flexible muscles is proven to be beneficial - and can help to manage some pain. The other self-management is healthy eating to keep weight down. Research shows that overweight speeds up the rate at which arthritis develops, so losing weight is really helpful for arthritis.

    You'll find out more about exercise in the attachment - but it's really worth seeing a physiotherapist to make sure you are on the right track.

    If you'd like us to post you some further information about OA, exercise and healthy eating and pain, just email your postal address to [email protected] and mention you've been on the Chat to Helpline forum, telling us your name on the forum and we will post you the booklets. Or ring 0800 5200 520 and any of us at the Helpline will be happy to listen, support you and talk you through ways of improving your OA.

    Very best wishes

    Guy - Helpline Team