Osteoarthritis in feet and jogging...


The tops of my feet started hurting as a teen, I'm now in my late 30s and a couple years ago was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. This summer has been great, barely any pain but a few days ago it showed up again. Not sure if it's due to the sudden drop in temp or the fact that I'd completed my first week of couch to 5k... Or indeed a bad timed combination! Ideally I'd like to know if jogging is good for my feet long term and I should just brave the pain or if it's bad long term and I should stick to walking and other lower impact exercises. Any advice greatly recieved!


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    My bet would be that the sudden increase in activity has inflamed the issues in your feet. While targets for fitness are great, listen to your body. Pushing through pain is great when you're fit, but if you have osteo arthritis it's the wrong approach and will result in inflammation and worsening pain. I'd go back to square one, let your feet recover, and then start more gently and see what happens. If it kicks off again, this is the wrong type of exercise for you. Have a look at the links on this site for exercises suited to the various arthritis conditions, you may find it helpful in understanding why your body doesn't like what you're doing now.

  • jaminhealth

    I've done plenty of exercises in my 82 yrs and never ran....the running warriors are paying and I realized that years ago. The LA marathon goes past my residence and omg, the pain and discomfort on these people....be gentle with your body, it's telling you something with the pain. Probably best to wear feet supports....

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    Boom and bust! We’ve all been there, doing too much then not allowing enough recovery time before doing it all over again, spiralling out of control. We must all learn our limits and act within them, you won’t do yourself any long term favours by acting as you are.

    You might care to look at www.cloudywithachanceofpain.com to see how the weather affects us, it’s not the only trigger but is a significant one.

    its a grin, honest!