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Good to be part of a community which understands without too much explanation. Am looking forward to reading articles and other peoples stories.


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    Hi @Mos60

    Welcome to the forum,glad you have found us.

    It would be good if we knew what kind of Arthritis you have your story and your experience are very important

    to us all

    There are several forums the most popular being Living with Arthritis, Chit Chat and Vals Café.

    Hope to see you chatting soon. Please let us know how you get on.


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    Hi Mos60, welcome aboard. They're a lovely bunch on here, and lots of knowledge between them and on this site. Hope you're keeping well.

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    Oh yes we understand without any need to apologise for the odd rant or moan.

    Do come along in a join us all we are a friendly group of people 🙂

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    Hi again and thanks for your comments. I have psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis and after many years of various symptoms I was recently diagnosed with cervical myelopathy. Over the years I have had surgeries on my back and knee and a few injections into my hands and knee. At present I am awaiting injections into my knee and shoulder. I have pain and stiffness each day, but am able to get up and about. Strange writing this all down! I feel for others with this condition because it is isolating even when with others, especially if you look ok or even good!

    Take Care