Week Ending 4th September

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Having the internet go down without warning really brings out how much we rely on it for staying connected with the world. Our service includes telephone, broadband and TV (which is an essential component as our broadcast television reception is terrible), so when the phone line dies unexpectedly overnight and realisation of how much we now rely on the services it provides comes as quite a shock.

Out of interest, I looked up the latest ONS report on internet usage in the UK for 2020. Highlights include:

  • 96% of households in Great Britain have internet access
  • 87% of all adults shopped online within the last 12 months
  • 76% of adults in Great Britain used internet banking
  • 49% of adults in Great Britain aged 25 to 34 years used a virtual assistant smart speaker or app

Just hope our telephone line is repaired very soon and I can stop using other people's internet connection!

1. Let's Move Campaign

Versus Arthritis launched our new Let's Move campaign last week and is our programme for people with arthritis who want more movement in their lives. The aim is to help you make movement part of your daily routine and you can read more about the benefits of keeping active here.

We have a new Category Let's Move on the Online Community where we will be posting more materials as they are produced and where you can find out more about the campaign. By Signing up today, we can send you our latest news, updates and ways you can support Versus Arthritis. Don’t miss out on hearing about our latest research, support services and advocacy campaigns, as well as fantastic volunteering, fundraising and event opportunities at Versus Arthritis.

2. Arthr - on a mission to improve everyday living for people with arthritis

The team at Arthr have been working away at designing and developing brilliant innovations to help with better living. The latest challenge they’ve accepted is around getting on and off of the toilet. It's not something we often openly talk about because it’s a private experience, however it can be an area of difficulty for some of us with arthritis. It’s a topic we feel should be spoken about and addressed.

3. Beware The Chair!

We're excited to be hosting a free webinar with a focus on musculoskeletal health in the workplace and how taking small actions each day can help to prevent the risk of developing new aches and pains. Email corporatepartners@versusarthritis.org to find out more!

4. Statutory Sick Pay

In case you hadn't heard yet, if you're asked to isolate for 14 days before surgery or other hospital procedures, you are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay. An important change for people who need treatment and can't work at home:

5. Coronavirus and Arthritis

We update our advice as the COVID-19 situation evolves across the UK and guidance changes over time. Current advice for people with arthritis recommends that you should wash your hands regularly, practice socially distancing according to the 2-metre guidelines and stay at home as much as possible.

It's important to try to keep active, eat healthy and take care of your wellbeing. We’ve published these articles which include advice to help support you.

There are likely to be differences at a more local level when required. If there’s different advice where you are, your local council website should have details. Find your local council at gov.uk

For specific information where you are, read our dedicated resources for EnglandNorthern IrelandScotland and Wales.

Stay safe, stay well.