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Recent diagnosis of psoriatic-arthritis


Im new here. Last week I was diagnosed with psoriatic-arthritis after suffering a sore back, knees and ankles for several months. Now having to come to terms with this diagnosis and what the future will bring. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


  • Shell_HShell_H Posts: 250 mod

    Hi @jonv6068, welcome to the online community!

    You used to be into fitness, especially running, but this year had to stop due to the onset of psoriatic arthritis in your back, knees and ankles.

    Versus Arthritis has actually just launched a new campaign about moving and exercising with arthritis. It only started this week, so not everything is up yet, but I'd suggest looking up the Lets Move information - it may give you an idea of what exercise you can do or try out to get the same feeling you used to while still being kind to your body and taking your new circumstances into account:

    I believe they are planning on having a you tube channel with different exercises too a little later.

    In addition, here's some information which is a little more general but may be helpful:

    The online community is a lovely place, the members are friendly and supportive. I hope you stick around and find more conversations to join in with.

    Good to meet you,


  • Hello. I’m new here. I have been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis after suffering terrible pain in my hips, neck, wrists forearms and shoulders. I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. For a few days this week, I have struggled with crippling fatigue. It makes me so low. Does anyone else suffer with this and has anyone got any tips to help? Does it ever get better?

  • EllenEllen Posts: 468 mod

    Hello @SuzieBlue

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    I see your diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) is a really recent one and you are feeling crippling fatigue. I wonder whether you are on any medication to get your disease under control yet? It can take many weeks for symptoms such as you describe to begin to subside once you are on the right treatment.

    I am loathe to duplicate Shell's information in the post above and am sure you have already read the link and know what Psoriatic Arthritis is.

    However this might be of interest to you it's about fatigue:

    Do join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    Best wishes


  • Hello @SuzieBlue,

    My psoriatic-arthritis also gives me extreme fatigue. I’ve learnt not to fight it and to get plenty of rest including resting for a short periods throughout the day . I’ve also been trying to eat a very healthy diet and lose some weight and that seems to be help. My fatigue comes and goes so I would try not to worry too much as it may pass soon. I’ve also had to accept that my life has had to slow down and that seems to make things easier.

    Hope you find a way of managing it soon. Let me know of anything you find helpful.


  • Hi everyone!

    Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis Friday just gone !

    age 44 hairdresser and I have it in my fingers 😣

    Pain was very noticeable in April initially thought my fingers stuff due to not doing hair but it didn’t let up and could hardly hold the kettle or put my clothes away on hangers had a few g.p telephone appointments then referred to rhumatology initial appointment was telephone then xrays and Mri and diagnosis .

    ive got to have urgent appointment for steroid injects and talk about management I guess medicine I am a bit scared 😟

    I have had to stop working it’s so painful 😣

    Anyone have any idea what medication I’ll be on ?

  • hello everyone

    ive been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and am waiting to see a specialist, i have it in my elbows, fingers and ankles. some days i find it impossible to use my fingers, im scared about having to have injections, how long do they last for?

  • Aj_xAj_x Posts: 153 mod

    Hi @bernie

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum, so pleased you have found us and are able to ask questions etc.

    Have a look around the other forums as there might be other members that are going through the same thing as you.

    I have attached the link regarding the Psoriatic Arthritis. This is the same one that is towards the top of this page.


  • BrynmorBrynmor Posts: 916 admin

    Hi @bernie

    I can really relate to being worried about having injections 😶 I am one of those who "don't look" at any point when I see the nurse for anything like that!

    Having said that, I would really recommend reading this thread by @Hairobsessed123 about having first time steroid injections into her fingers. She is relating her progress which sounds absolutely fantastic!

    Best wishes


  • Hi @jonv6068

    i was petrified when he said I was to have joint injections and told me to get someone to drive me home !!

    Actually turned out I had a jab straight into my bottom ! Which didn’t hurt at all I had no facial flushing and I slept really well try not to google steroid injections!!

    just recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis myself ! It took 9 days for mine to kick in buts it’s fan not to have hot sausage fingers still have a bit of pain in my heels and under foot but it’s manageable! My rhumatology consultant said they last up to 2 months x

  • I was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis when I was 20, I'm now 40. I missed out on quite a lot growing up. My advice as said in the other comments, listen to your body. If it says stop or slow down then do. Have lots of rest and don't let people make you feel guilty or lazy for doing so. Most people are uneducated about the affects of arthritis including fatigue and feeling low. Make sure you know your condition and know your limits. Get help and don't hide it or bottle your feelings.

  • @Nen150880 so refreshing reading this. Im 29 and have been suffering with PSA for many years now. The level of fatigue is dreadful and side effects from a new medication I'm on is making even the small things in life difficult. Im a dental nurse and have a 3 year old son, two of which are physically and mentally draining as you can imagine. I feel so guilty and a failure as a mum and colleague, I get the impression they don't fully understand how I'm feeling or have any knowledge about PSA.

    I work long hours and I'm off quite a bit at the moment. But the long days are zapping my energy and I'm really struggling with what to do long term. If anyone has any advice or suggestions please fire away. I'm feeling a bit lost!

  • Hi @Hairobsessed123 , how are you finding the steroid injections?

  • Hey @jonv6068

    Took 9 days to kick in increased pain first 2 days then lasted about 5 weeks In total didn’t help with my heel pain at all !

    Im now on Sulfasalazine

    Been on it nearly a week so far so good no side affects yet ! Thursday I increase dose by another tablet so 2 x daily week 3 3x daily up to week 4 4x daily hopefully I’ll be able to tolerate them !!

    How are you coping with recent diagnosis?

    I’’m feeling more positive now

  • Hi @Hairobsessed123 ,

    I’ve come to terms with the diagnosis now and learning to live with it. Still have good and bad days but they’re mostly good. How do you find the fatigue? I feel really exhausted after a day at work.

    I’ve been taking 90 mg Etoricoxib tablets for the last six months . When I saw the rheumatologist last he mentioned putting me on sulphasalazine so I anticipate starting that when I see him next as the current meds don’t help enough. Hope you can tolerate them and they help. Stay strong 🙂

  • I get forearm pain too, meaning the centre of the forearm, not a joint, for just minutes at a time. It's an unsetting "fullness" and looks very slightly enlarged in the middle until it stops. I thought it might be small minor blood clots of some kind as I also have had strange bruising phenomena since having covid, which has caused long-term blood clotting issues in some people as well as obviously being able to trigger autoimmune diseases such as PsA because any infection can do that. So I still wonder if it's related to the autoimmune conditions or a separate blood problem triggered by the same infection; no doctor I've mentioned it to has any idea what it might be.

    It's probably not dangerous, I just want to feel confident in my diagnosis and weird stuff like this that isn't mentioned anywhere relating to PsA makes me wonder. It's too intermittent, infrequent and brief to have any chance of getting scanned while it's happening, though the GP got one done just in case it was caused by something that could be seen even when it's not happening. Doesn't go red, just feels "full" and uncomfortable, mildly painful. I'm diagnosed "probable psoriatic arthritis" by a rheumatologist, but not proven as the ankle scans only found synovial thickening (ultrasound) and a "tiny effusion" (MRI without contrast, which I have since learned can't tell the difference between effusions and synovial thickening), but he doesn't know what might be going on in my forearm. Have you been told what that might be?

  • Hi @jonv6068

    sorry for late reply the fatigue is awful but I do rest when I need to !

    medication is going well I’m on 3rd 3week so 3 x tablets a day and tolerating them well .

    pain in heel has gone the last couple of mornings stiffness and swelling subsided loads !! I do have neck pain thou lol dr said it may be due to a crick or it cud be my PsA but I’ll give it a week and see how it goes !

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