Hip replacement

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Hello fellow sufferers

I had a bilateral hip replacement procedure. It was my choice to have both hips done together and if anyone has any questions regarding this, I would be happy to share.


  • Ellen
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    Hello @NormanV

    A very warm welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    I see you had both hips replaced at the same time. Very often members who face the prospect of hip surgery actually have two hips in need of surgery so this is very interesting.

    Your offer to help people facing hip replacement is very welcome thank you.

    Please feel free to take a look around the forum and join in if you wish to anywhere.

    Best wishes


  • Erlando
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    Hi there, I am needing both hips replaced due to severe advanced osteoarthritis and feeling very nervous about the op. Any advice would be welcome. X

  • pmas
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    Erlando, I’m wondering if you’ve had your op yet. I’m waiting for a staged bilateral l hip replacement with 3 months between ops. The waiting list in my area is horrendous and even though I am a high priority I don’t think it will happen soon. Let me know how things are going for you.

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