Toddler with JIA complains of painful skin

Hi, this is my first post here but wanted to know if this was a likely side effect of JIA.

My son was diagnosed with JIA just after his first birthday. He had now been in mediation for around 18 months. It took about 9 months to get his symptoms under control. He currently had weekly methotrexate injections and fortnightly amgevita injections. Although he clearly still has the occasional bad day, generally his joints are pretty good. However when he goes to bed he often cries out and says his bed sheet hurts him like his skin is really sensitive. What I can't work it is of this had just become a habit as he gets attention or whether there is really something going on? Any ideas?


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    Thanks Ellen

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    Hi @LauraK

    Here's an extract from the information above.

    Contact your rheumatology team (again usually through the clinical nurse specialist) if you're concerned with your child's joints or other aspects of their health that you think could be linked to their condition. Get in touch if you have concerns with medications, including around side-effects.

    It seems this would be a good idea in your case, for reassurance if nothing else.

    I hope it sorts itself out very soon