Magnactic or copper bracelets???


Good morning everyone

I suffer from oestoatheritis in my neck hands wrists n knees pain is unbearable as I'm sure you know.

Has anyone tried magnetic or copper bracelets? What do you think of them?

Would be very interested in your thoughts

Stay safe




  • Mike1
    Mike1 Member Posts: 1,992

    I have tried them with no discernible effect, however the magnetic ones gave me a blister type rash.

  • JoeB
    JoeB Bots Posts: 83

    I did try a plain copper one once but without any effect beyond a skin rash on my wrist.

    My wife bought me one whereby the copper is coated in a clear film and it also contains magnets but it is too big so I haven't worn it as yet. One day I will get it made smaller and give it a try.

    There is not a lot of evidence (if any) for their efficacy but that does not necessarily mean it is not worth trying.

    However, if my pain was "unbearable" I would be seeking a more pharmaceutically orientated option in the first instance.


  • Airwave!
    Airwave! Member Posts: 2,466

    There is an old wives tale about never getting arther in your wedd8ng ring finger, it is just that, an old wives tale. I’ve been wearing my gold ring for nearly 45 years and guess which knuckle is the most painful, yep, wedding ring finger!

    it’s a grin, honest!

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,487

    All they did for me was give me a green arm. Sorry 😕

  • Tracie
    Tracie Member Posts: 57

    Hi everyone

    Umm I think I'll leave copper or any bracelets.

    Thank you for your input

    Stay safe

    Tracie x