Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

I've been suffering with arthritis now for about 9 years and have had 3 different operation on my right knee to date. It now looks like the arthritis has spread it first started in my right knee and now it been confirmed its in my right ankle as well, but ive been told it almodt certain its in every joint on my right side and mild in my left. I now experience pain in my lower back both hips all my joints in my right leg/ankle and foot. Also left hand knee and ankle not sure about hip yet its sore but no where near as painful as my right side. Also have gripped trouble and weakness in both my hands now i seem to drop things for no reason my hand just seems to stop working. Been using crutches for years now and been told the only thing what may help in full knee replacement and even been told they might freeze my knee so i cannot bend it and also my ankle and that's one operation I really don't won't. I take very very strong painkillers I don't think the medication im on is correct bit I've had a terrible time with my gp and other medical personal been told I'm imaging it, can't be that bad and even been told I was lieing by one lady who admitted she hadn't even read my medical history before she saw me but because off my age the problems started noons believes me till after they see the xrays and scans then I feel like they ignore me because been told only joint replacement will help. I

I hust really feel like I'm on my own and have a few dark days I call them when I feel I will be better off away from my family as I feel like I'm a burden but when I tell my go this i get told I'm not that bad snap out of it. So my mum told me about this forum and for the first time I feel Like there are people out there who understands and can relate to what I'm feeling and maybe make me feel a little more sane




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    Hi @Kezzacare and welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community.

    With a diagnosis of arthritis in many joints, it is no wonder you take strong pain killers. This can be so wearing and exhausting, both physically and emotionally, making you feel down and that no-one seems to realise how bad it can be.

    We do understand and its good that you have been able to explain how things really feel to you - something we all need to do. You may like to take a look at our web site page on the subject as it does have some advice on feeling alone and isolated:

    If you would like to ask any questions about joint replacement offered to you, please do so: we have many members who have had this done and have experienced really positive outcomes.

    Do join in across the Community, call in for a chat and tell us how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


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    Hi Kezzacare, and welcome. That sounds awful, I can’t imagine how it must feel for people not to believe you when you’re in pain. I’ve got OA in both hips and probably in my knees as well, and that’s bad enough. I’m sorry you don’t feel you’re being properly supported, particularly when the evidence is all there on your xrays. Have you asked for a referral to the pain clinic?

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    If various medical personnel are telling you that you are 'imagining' it then I can only wonder why are they prescribing strong analgesics and proposing surgery. If it were me then I would put this to them next time they venture such an opinion.


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    Thank you for your comment I actual cried my husband is brilliant don't he just moans about the strong painkillers saying its mind over matter until last year his a lot older than me and has been having a few problems with his knee. He has mild arthritis in his knee and should not laugh but it was nice for him to experience a little of what I feel every second off the day.

    And everyone who has responded has made me realise I'm not alone now and have somewhere I can chat to other people who knows what I'm experianceing because unless you experience arthritis you really don't understand how it effects you so THANKYOI


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    If pain were simply mind over matter all anaesthetists would be unemployed and have been replaced by psychologists.