Update of cervical spondylosis

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Hello everyone

Yesterday I finally had a telephonic conversation with my consultant with regard to my MRI scan for my neck. Apparently not much change since previous scan. No surgery needed yet as more of an arthritis issue than spinal detoriation. I am now being referred to an OT to get a soft collar to wear. Obviously not to be worn regularly as muscles in neck can weaken. My rheumatologist will be informed of result and hopefully I can discuss it with him of what measures to take to lessen the pain. Hopefully he can refer me to a physiotherapist which might also help.

I have had a few tips passed on to me from this forum like using a warm wheat bag which helps tremendously but not very good with exercising my neck I am afraid to say. So never give in to whatever pain you may have as there is always a solution somewhere.. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who might be suffering with this problem as well.


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    Hi @Constance

    No surgery needed yet as more of an arthritis issue than spinal detoriation.

    Well, that's good news! I'm glad that you have found some of the tips on here from other members work for you. If you are looking for exercises for the neck, then you may like to take a peek at this section on our website:

    The whole page is all about neck pain, so well worth scrolling the page to see if there is anything else that is useful on the page.

    Best wishes


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    Hello @Constance

    Some good news there then 🙂 a cautious thumbs up from me.

    I too have a soft neck collar very rarely used as l feel like the lady from Doc Martin! No seriously it is rarely used mainly because i am now good at spotting early signs that it might 'go' and rest my neck straight away taking things steady for a few days.

    I can't remember whether I mentioned sorting out pillows in bed? That can really help and I always take mine with me on holiday too or I can have a dreadful time. Initially when it first 'went' I ditched my lovely 2 pillows for only a rolled up hand towel in my neck area now I have a shaped memory foam one which does the same.

    Trial and error pillows though I my opinion almost the most important help/hindrance.

    Never without my wheaty. I have about 7! I also have a thing which is sort of mobile I take it one longer journeys for back/hip neck/whatever is needed. You click the metal button inside it and the substance inside heats up an moulds to the shape of your sore part. It might be called click heat not sure. It's similar to those hand warmers you can buy, but mine has lasted me probably 10 years now.

    Anyway enough from me

    You take care

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    Hi there

    I appreciate all the tips and will definitely look at some neck exercises. Lovely to hear from you all again. Stay safe.

    Constance x