How do I get a Blue Badge?


Last year I bought my first car (I've had a license for 30 odd years) because I couldn't manage public transport anymore with my osteoarthritis, and I've hear horror stories about how difficult it is getting a blue badge ie: if you can walk 100 yards you are excluded. But what if that's all I can do before you need to sit down?

I have to go shopping so early in the mornings to almost be the first person just to get a parting space as close as possible to the shop, because I can't use a disabled bay. I want to go into the centre of town to support restaurants and galleries and museums but can't think how that is possible for me because I can't use public transport and can't park close enough

How can I convince the local council that I do need a Blue Badge, even if I can manage walking 100 yards without lying? Or do I just lie?

Also I've heard some boroughs in London have different colour badges and fine people using a blue badge in, say, a green badge area! How many disabled badges are there that I might need to apply for in London?


  • Thanks so much. I've been putting off applying for the badge, one, because of the admin involved, but also because I thought what's the point, they're never going to give it to me because I'm not immobile enough. Now, I'm determined to look into it and appeal and appeal again, if need me. Thanks

  • Hi Luciouslocks

    Thank you for posting on the forum and thanks to Christine for providing the link.   

    I am sorry you are experiencing problems with mobility. We would suggest that you get support with the application from a specialist organisation like Citizen’s Advice. You can find out more here n the link below.

    You are very welcome to call us on our freephone helpline: 0800 5200 520 so you can talk things through with one of our helpline team.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    Helpline Team

  • Sh8ron
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    I applied for and got my Blue Badge a couple of years back. I am able to walk a little but I get tired and sieze up quickly, often end up "marooned " and in a great deal of pain wherever I happen to be standing. Not good in the middle of M&S or wherever. Apply via your local authority website and be thorough in your responses to their questionnaire. Prepare yourself by making notes of situations and how you adjust in order to get round them. This is also useful if you are applying for benefits etc. We can't all remember everything!

    Blue badge can take a while to come through but it's so worth it. If I didn't have that it's unlikely I'd ever get out of the house to be honest. I don't think LA's shutting high streets for Covid and closing off disabled parking spaces is helpful at all, and some have realised this and are now reinstating.

    Best of luck, Sh8ron.