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Hi, I’m a 66 year old male living in Aberdeen.

I’ve just registered, but I’ve been lurking for a while.

I have OA in my left hip (complete with bone spurs) and have been on two sets of prescribed painkillers for about two years now, although for about a year of that they thought it was sciatica.

I had an x-ray guided injection into the hip last week and the results were amazing, however It hasn’t taken away all of the pain.

I have increased movement, without having to force it, and don’t have the severe pain while standing up or sitting down, and don’t limp so much at home, and can go up and down stairs a lot easier. I still feel the old ache when I’m walking any further and I do still limp. Less pain when I stop though.

i can get as much range of motion as I did before, but without assistance, and I’m slowly building up on the exercise bike, but I can feel the old ache afterwards, not as bad though.

But I still have to take one of my tablets twice a day to take the edge off it, even after this gentle exercise or if I’m going any further than around the house.

A big big reduction on what I was on, but I still need to take them. I may be able to go onto over the shelf medication, but I know that my prescribed tablets work.

Is this normal, or do people usually find they can do without pain medication.

Or am I expecting too much?



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    Welcome @Pauljj to the Versus Arthritis online Community.

    You said you have been lurking for a while so I am very pleased to see you posting! You will know then already that you have joined a friendly group of people.

    Your steroid injection seems to have made a lot of difference to your hip, but not completely taken away the pain. The improvements you describe sound really very positive. I am attaching a link to information about steroid injections

    Fairly early on it says "....Steroid injections can’t treat the underlying cause of your condition, but they can treat the symptoms...."

    I'll leave our members to come in now and tell you of their own experiences.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Pauljj

    Welcome to the forum from me too.

    Wow! It sounds as though your injection did help a lot. Now they have sadly never helped me, but my Ex MIL swore by them.

    I don't think they will eliminate all pain, but it sounds as though they work enough for you to 'put off' any surgical options for a good while to come.

    It sounds as though you may still need your prescribed medication, but all being well you can reduce it as you have done already.

    I hope the ability to exercise more will help your joints to because string muscles and tendons etc support our joints.

    Take care