Confused about what is happening to me.


Hi all!

I hope you are all okay and staying upbeat.

I just need to vent really as I don't understand what is happening to my body/joints. Three years ago I started to develop symmetrical aches in my hands, elbows, toes (plus a few other joints). It was more like a stiffness initially but over the years it has become more achy and painful. It still isn't bad, but definitely heading in the wrong direction and becoming more uncomfortable. I never had any swelling in any of my joints. I have morning stiffness but it lasts for five minutes or so - although my joints still don't feel quite right during the day. I had a virus when this all started and I could literally feel the stiffness moving from my hands and elbows to other parts of my body. It was scary as hell.

I figured after scouring the internet that I had rheumatoid arthritis, even though I though it was a a bit odd that none of my joints were swollen or red. I got all the tests (including anti-ccp) and they were negative. I had x-rays when this all began and they showed very mild osteoarthritis in my hands. I had bloods drawn again last year and they were still all negative (in fact my CRP and sed rate were better than previously!). I saw a rhuematologist and he diagnosed me with osteoarthritis (which didn't make sense to me).

Because I've had more pain recently, I asked for my hands and feet to be x-rayed. Just got the results back and they are normal. I don't understand this. Obviously I'm glad my joints aren't deteriorating, but I feel like I'm going mad and not getting any solutions.

Is it possible that it could be something else? Am I some kind of weird enigma?! I know you guys don't have the answers for me but I don't know where to turn next.

Thanks for listening.

Maddie x


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    Hi @maddie1020

    First of all your story isn't that unusual. A lot of arthritides do not show in bloods. Secondly X-rays also only show part of the issue. Other types of imaging MRIs/CTs exist:

    I had severe back issues from my very early 20s but was in my late 30's before anything actually showed up on an X-ray! I ended up having major back surgery - all sorted now more or less.

    When my inflammatory arthritis reared it's head a few years later I had several bouts of swelling pain stiffness before I was able to see a GP when it was actually happening and get some help. My bloods were also negative so initially also feared not being believed/taken seriously.

    Getting a diagnosis can be a long process, but you are not alone.

  • jaminhealth

    Sounds like arthritis coming on. I had my first bout at 18 in lower back and I'm 82...did a lot of life and paying now for damage from a couple surgeries: hysterectomy and hip replacement, long stories of their own.

    Look at the foods you are consuming...stay away from sugars and junk foods with refined sugars.

    Cheese, dairy cause inflammation.

    I've heard over yrs the egg yolks cause inflammation and then I've heard/read the whole egg is good for us.

    Do some chiro and bodywork, some physical therapy and don't be hard on your body. You don't mention your

    age, but I surely have worked for 60 some yrs to keep going.

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    Hi @maddie1020

    There are quite a number of people who have osteoarthritis in may joints - which logically means not caused by wear and tear which is an often thought of definition of OA. It could be Fibromyalgia or something different

    In the mean time treat your symptoms. There may be food interactions - try it by eliminating just one food and see if it helps you after a few weeks. I haven't found that to be the case for me. It is important to exercise, not the vigorous 7-a-side whatever but to strengthen your muscles so they can support your joints better, and look for pain relief too, can be medicine, traditional medicine or things like using heat or cold, raising affected joints, I'm posting a couple of links that might help you move forward

    Hope that helps


  • maddie1020

    Thanks everyone!

    That does help - especially regarding the diet and exercise.

    I'm working on that now.

    Maddie x