I'm newly diagnosed RA. Im trying a new sleeping position in bed tonight propt up with lots of pillows. If I lay flat I wake up with herendous pain in both my shoulders!! Does anyone else get this and if so do you have any tips to help avoid the pain?? TIA X


  • Ellen
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    Hello @N3mome48

    I see you are newly diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and sleeping is a real struggle for you ATM. Shoulder pain is very tricky particularly if you are normally a side sleeper.

    Early on for me I had one flare which included both shoulders I think I just sort of survived it, like you propped up on pillows.

    You may already know all this, but just in case here is some useful information about shoulder pain:

    This article is full of other people's tips regarding sleep I hope one or two might help:

    I wonder at what point you are with your treatment for your RA? It may be that your medication has not get had time to have an effect?

    Again you may already know this but here is some information about Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatic Drugs:

    I'll leave our members to share their own experiences now Kathy

    Best wishes


  • Mike1
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    I have tried loads of pillows and spent £hundreds over the years on them but have yet to find one that gets me through the night, I also have an electric bed which I can put into any position I like and that has not helped either, not to mention mattresses. I get an average of 2 - 3 hours sleep a night, GP will not prescribe anything and has said that as I cannot work it doesn't matter if I nod off during the day. No help to you but hopefully someone else will come up with something.

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    Oh poor you 😕

    Getting remotely comfy in bed is so hard isn't it? There is no definite solution which suits us all, but trial and error.

    One of the things l do have of use are some slow release medications my anti-inflam is Arcoxia and lasts 24 hours so can help with breakthrough pain a little and I also have pain patches prescribed (trying off them ATM though).

    I was wondering too how long you have been on treatment for your RA maybe your meds still need time to control the disease better?

    Also some people have success with steroid injections into joints giving real relief. Just a thought.


    Take care