Hello - and tips for managing early onset arthritis

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Hi everyone, my name is Jess. It looks like I have early onset arthritis in my neck C5-C7. I have had this picked up in an x-ray and now need to be referred for an MRI scan. This causes my hands to go numb and my fingers to tingle without warning, sometimes for a few minutes and sometimes longer.

If any of you have any tips for living with this or have had experience of something similar I'd be interested to hear from you! Thank you.


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    Welcome to the site , @MrsScreech

    You have been diagnosed with early onset arthritis in your neck and are waiting for confirmation by MRI.

    Surprisingly, this link does not mention arthritis as a cause of neck pain, but you have an MRI due whch should help to establish a cause.

    Like you I get tingles in my fingers. Fingerless gloves in the cold weather help me..

    By the way, I live on a narrowboat called Jess.

    Have a good look round the site, and good luck.


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    Hi Mrs Screech

    Welcome to our lovely forum. I too have cervical spondylitis so you have my sympathy.

    I have been known to have completely numb areas on my chest and shoulder from mine, but can imagine your tingling as i also have carpal tunnel which causes tingly then numb fingers - not great is it.

    The first thing I did with my neck was ditch my two pillows in bed the height of them wasn't helping. Replaced initially with a rolled up hand-towel - now with a contoured memory foam pillow.I also use a warm wheatbag when things are bad and take pain meds as prescribed.

    Best of luck with your tests do keep posting this forum is a lovely place so supportive.