Flu Jabs

This is the time of year when one of us old hands reminds all autoimmune newbies of the importance of getting a flu jab. As I've already had two spells in re-sus I like to get mine in early before the rush.

I also don't like to complain but 😣

This year it's all different. Here in the Scottish Borders all jabs will be done centrally, not by our GPs. OK. Makes covid sense. On Tuesday, Mr SW and I got letters asking us to ring a certain number / email a certain address to book our appointments. We tried all that day and all next morning starting at 8am (their starting time). When that failed ("All lines are busy") we emailed. By Thursday (two more emails and loads of attempted phone calls) I had to book a blood test so I asked my health centre if they were doing them. No. All centralised. There was a problem. The problem was they'd sent out....get this.....28,000 letters on Monday! Mr SW emailed our local councillor who, to his credit, got back that evening, explaining and saying he'd drawn us to their attention. Later that evening we got an emailed apology from the flu jab service - but still no appointment.

Our local newspaper ran a big article on it this week. Apparently, the Chief Exec. said "“I can assure that our team are working incredibly hard and we will ensure that everyone does get an appointment so that you receive your flu vaccination over the next few months," Months? So, will they kindly hold up the flu epidemic for a few months? Will it be a race to see if they can get us done before we all get flu /covid.? Maybe we'll get the covid vaccination first. Why, on earth, did they send out 28,000 at once? Couldn't they have started with those of us who were on the shielding list?

I promise, tomorrow I'll be my usual, annoyingly optimistic, just-exercise-more self. But today I reserve the right to be thoroughly ****ed off.

And now I shall exercise. At least that's something I can control.

If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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  • Lilymary
    Lilymary Member Posts: 1,733

    Hat system sound utterly ridiculous, clearly zero thought went into it.

    I’ve never had flu jobs and never had flu. I’m 61. Maybe i’ve Just been lucky? I don’t meet a lot of people on a day to day basis, but nor am I a hermit.

  • Airwave!
    Airwave! Member Posts: 2,456

    I’ve had many and they are for everyone with chronic complaints not just autoimmune, I used to get flu every year, even reinfection and it drags you down for months on end, thank heavens for the flu jabs!

    A lot of effort by the NHS Teams goes into looking after us but as Sticky has found out there will always be cases at the edge of what is possible for everyone but they can be done by the chemists and nursing staff or what ever arrangement is in place, they’re worthwhile.

    Keep smiling.

    its a grin, honest!

  • Lilymary
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    I’ve just re-read my comment and spotted all the typos. I haven’t been at the sauce, honest!

  • crinkly1
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    Don't blame you SW - I'd be more than annoyed if that happened to me.

    Thankfully no problems here, in Derbyshire. NHS flu jabs are available to all over 60s regardless of medical history.

    Received a text reminder from GP practice, booked appointments by phone at first attempt, turned up at the practice 19th September as directed. No queues but an orderly controlled processing of patients. Went in by one door, ID checked, stood in the doorway of a consulting room while a nurse administered the jabs then out by a different door.

    All done and dusted for another year with no waiting at all and no risk of contact with other patients.

    I know we have a particularly good GP Practice but hope most others are finding it as easy.

  • Mike1
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    Tis well organised in my surgery too thankfully, can't get a face to face appointment very easily but flu jabs tickety-boo!

  • stickywicket
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    It's always been very well organised by my surgery too. I hope that handing everything over is a response to covid not a permanent arrangement.

    However, my husband and I are delighted to announce we're going to have a .......... flu jab. Apparently no-one rang them on a Sunday morning so we got straight through and were given the option of our own health centre at the end of October or the nearest town, 20 minutes drive away next Sunday. Next Sunday it is, then. Why wait for all the colds and sniffles?

    Thank you everyone for your support.

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright