Long Winter Boots


I wonder if anyone can help me with any suggestions for this one?

I have arthritis in my hip so stuggle to bend and definitely cannot reach my toes. I have a lovely pair of long length boots that I would love to wear but I have been struggling over the years to get them on. I currently use a soxon for socks, have the double footed one for tights and I wondered if anyone knew of a similar type of aid for putting on long length boots. Currently, I have a 15 yr old son but I know he won't always be around !!

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  • Chris_R
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    Hi @KarenBM2274

    Welcome to the Arthritis Community ,glad you have found us.

    You have Arthritis in the Hips and find it difficult to bend down and would like a gadget other than your 15 year old son to put shoes and long boots on.I can understand you wanting to do things yourself and not be reliant on your family.So have hunted around to find a solution for you

  • Mike1
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    If the boots have loops at the back put some string through the loop to help pull them on, if no loops get a cobbler to either put loops on or maybe a small hole in the top back.

  • Chris_R
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    Hi @KarenBM2274

    Have looked for a solution for you.Mike1 is a good one also Argos has a long handled https://www.argos.co.uk/sd/shoe-horn/ shoe boot horn.

    Hope this helps Christine

  • Lilymary
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    I use a long handled shoe horn, and put a long shoe lace through the end of the zip so I can pull it up with the shoe lace. Doesn't work so well for taking them off though, you might be able to use the shoe horn to push the zip down. The other alternative is zip-less boots, eg the old Ugg boots. If they have a loop at the back you can pull them up with that, with or without shoe lace, and basically kick them off again.

  • stickywicket
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    If they have zips get an old wooden clothes hanger and screw a hook into the end. (Make sure it will go through the loop of the zip. Undoing the zip might require something to hold the top of the boot up while shoving the zip down. Are your hands strong enough? If not, the hole Mike recommended might help in that you could hold it up with one device while shoving down with another.

  • I am loving all these suggestions - thank you so much for your help. So glad you are here to help.

    Thank you :)😀

  • Airwave!
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    Try an extra long shoe horn from IKEA they’re a £1 each I have one at front door, back door and one in the car. I keep my shoe laces just about done up but free enough to get shoes on with the horn.

    As you say getting off yer boots isn’t easy, you can buy a ‘V’ shaped boot remover the open end is raised, I have seen plastic mould ones but I’ve always made mine out of spare wood. Just put one foot on the back and place the back of your boot in the V and gently pull your foot up. Might work for you?

  • crinkly1
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    I'd be lost without my long-handled shoe horns and, like Airwave, have one in each of several areas of the house and use them with all sorts of footwear. I rarely wear long boots as my ankles are too stiff.to wriggle my feet inside unless there are full-length zips - and then I don't need much of a pull to get them on.

    Saddlery shops can supply handy 'boot pulls' designed to be used in pairs since long riding boots have loops stitched to their linings on both inner and outer side of the leg. For tight-fitting riding boots they work better than a single back loop and might be worth trying with other long boots. A single loop is probably fine for looser-fitting fur-lined boots if you have the power to pull hard enough.

    Boot removers or 'boot jacks' as they are known in the horse world are also found in most saddleries made of wood or cheap and cheerful in plastic. I've had a plastic one for many years and it' still going strong. I've also seen versions made of forged metal to resemble insects if you want to make more of a statement!