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Hi, A brief potted history after my long absence from forum, arthritis in left knee shown in x ray about a year ago and in right hip shown in xray 6 months ago. Ongoing managable pain in one or the other or both for over 12 months but I just keep going like the duracell bunny. On my feet for upto 5 hours in a row in care job and 2 large dogs, large garden and no one who helps at home.

Sunday my knee got so painful I couldn't stand on it, eventually got to hospital on Monday , passed from pillar to post and opposite hip came out in sympathy so eventually discharged with morphine and a pair of crutches. Told to take a week off work and to rest .

Thus I find myself here looking for advice and ways to reduce inflammation and prevent another flare up. Never had it so bad before. After a day of doing practically zilch I am feeling much better so pain probably 7 out of 10 today .


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    I think you've kind of solved your own problem, Henrietta. You did too much and it got worse. You rested and it improved. I find OA is al beast which tells us when it's unhappy with our workload but responds to a bit of TLC.

    You have a busy life. If you want to prevent this happening again I think you need to make it a bit easier on your joints. You write of 'no-one who helps at home' which is not the same as 'no-one at home'. Is there someone who could help exercise the dogs and manage the garden? Maybe they would do things if asked or if the load was shared. Maybe the garden, at least, could be made more manageable. Unfortunately, we all have to make lifestyle changes in order to deal with this rubbish and now might be a good time.

    Inflammation? Ice (wrapped in a towel) is useful.

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    Hi Henrietta

    Oh dear that sounded really painful and scary too.

    You do do an awful lot of very physical stuff there and I am presuming you need to work and the dogs need walking. Luckily we are approaching a quieter period in the garden. Many of us here have changed our gardens slightly to make our lives easier - less weeding more paving raised beds etc.

    Just a thought i have mentioned here before my SIL lives at Amazon so lots of physical on her feet work. She was spending her one and a half days off struggling with hip pain. A simple change she made in her foot wear has really helped. By no means a cure but she now wears shoes with sort of memory foamy insides??

    The other thing you can consider is whether you would be eligible for a cortisone injection into your joints to reduce inflammation?

    I find my OA pains like heat - a warm wheat-bag and rest.

    Hope you get some more suggestions Henrietta

    Take care

    Toni xx

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    Thanks Sticky wicket,

    The no one at home are two lodgers, one I support with learning disabilities and the other is a fellow carer who works 40 hours while I am only part time so I don't feel able to ask either for help.

    I think I will definately have to address being on my feet so much at work when I return. I have made a start at reducing work in the garden by hiding and confiscating a number of large flower pots which people tend to pot up and abandon the rest of the year.

    I have just ordered an online shop including lots of things that are meant to be antiinflammatory. Has anyone seen great results from improving their diet?

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    Hi Toni

    Many thanks, yes I find footwear such a headache, I have worn multiple varieties of foot orthotics, some bespoke, some off the peg and spent a small fortune over many years on them, likewise shoes. These days I find just a change in shoes or orthotics sets pain off somewhere different each time. I have never tried any memory foam, I will certainly look into that.

    I saw the GP just before covid arrived and she offered me either injection or hip replacement which I declined at teh time saying I would think about it. I am not keen on hip replacement for 2 reasons- firstly I am not sure it would resolve all my problems and secondly I am only 52. It seems too young and what happens if I get to 62? I have not heard good reviews on second replacement hips. The age thing is especially frustrating because I've spent last 10 years caring for Dad through his 80s and 90s leaving me clapped out.