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Hi, I'm Rob, I just joined the forum today. I'm a 67yr old man living in Scotland.

There's osteoarthritis in my family, two aunts had badly affected hands when they got older. I get occasional twinges in finger joints but my main problem is in one knee. Due apparently to a history of issues affecting that knee and leg it got bad enough that I had a partial replacement in March 2017.

However pain continued, along with other symptoms, and I was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome in that knee towards the end of the same year.

I saw the surgeon again in March this year, had new x-rays done, which showed arthritis now under the kneecap.

So my main problem now is dealing with arthritis and crps in combination, and my mobility is very far from what I'd like it to be, but at least I recently got hooked up with the local pain management service. I had a consultation with a doctor resulting in a change of medication (capsaicin seems helpful outside of actual flareups) and I'm waiting to speak to a specialist physiotherapist.

Hoping maybe to get some helpful hints and tips here, maybe even be able to offer some ideas to others!


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    Hi @Robin01 and welcome to the online community!

    Knee problems and pain can be very challenging, and, as in your situation, it can affect mobility. However, you have certainly come to the right place for friendly and helpful tips and advice - everyone on the forum has some experience of arthritis in one form or another, many with knee issues. I’m sure our members will have some good suggestions for you.

    Meanwhile, you might find it helpful to look at the Versus Arthritis page on osteoarthritis of the knee. It includes some suggestions on gentle exercises that can help alleviate some of the pain. I have found that keeping moving When I can ( some days more difficult than others) has been the best way to keep my joints mobile and it does help to lessen the pain:

    I’m sure with your experience you will be able to offer your own tips and suggestions to other members. Have a look at some of the different forums ( on the right hand side of the page) and join in whenever you like.

    Anna : )

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    Hi Rob. Just wanted to say hello from another recent newbie to this forum. The site is so helpful and everyone is super friendly. Sounds like you have been through such a lot and I'm sorry to hear that. Sure you will find this site useful.

    I am waiting for a diagnosis but pretty sure I have some sort of arthritis. The situation with covid hasn't helped trying to get an appointment. Like you, my mobility has changed and I am getting so frustrated not be able to be as active as I was.

    Another part of this site I like is chit chat it can be very uplifting when you are feeling low.

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    Hi @Robin01

    Pleased to meet you. Great introduction to yourself thanks for that it's really helpful. My Inflammatory arthritis began in the knees (although it spread within days) so I know how horrible it is😕

    My first suggestion would have been to try to get referred to a pain clinic. What I like about them is that they specialise in pain one of our main issues here.

    As dij says this is a really lovely and supportive place to come for advice or just to be distracted from your Arthritis woes🙂

    I hope you decide to hang about!

  • Robin01
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    Thanks for the warm welcome folks, I'm sure I'll be very happy here! 😄