Tips on on how to exercise and support a very weak, stiff and painful left knee

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Please answer that question I'm deparate for answers


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    Hello patullosusan24

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a struggle with your knee. That must be miserable for you.

    Because you describe it as 'weak' you will need to be extra careful not to cause damage to the soft tissues that are designed to support the knee joint so I would strongly suggest consulting a physiotherapist for expert advice before you embark on an exercise regime.

    Your knee will then be fully assessed so you can begin at the right level of strengthening work without risk of creating more problems. Your GP Practice may be able to refer you to a local NHS Physio clinic or you may even be able to make a self-referral.

    If your personal circumstances permit you should be able to find a private physio in your locality quite easily but make sure you ask about their fees before you book an appointment.

    I do hope you can find help quickly and look forward to hearing how you get on.

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    Hi @patullosusan24 - try having a look at this page - there are some exercises here to try out which are specific for knee pain. It is important to make sure you exercise within your current ability, so maybe just do a little each day and work up to more very slowly. If it hurts, stop and try again later, maybe adapted to be a little easier as you work up.

    You could also ask for a referral to a physio from your doctor - you may have to pay something (it varies on what is available in your area) but they would be able to give you personal advice as well as offer some support.

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