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Hi everyone

Just recently been told I have osteoarthritis of the hand/wrists/fingers. Already have Fibromyalgia and also peri-menopausal 😲so in quite a bit of pain. Work full time and really concerned how this will affect my work. I have spoken to my Manager so I guess that's the first step.

Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.



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    Hi @Berts and welcome to the online community!

    You've only recently been given a diagnosis with Osteoarthritis, which adds to your existing conditions of Fibromyalgia and Peri-menopausal, all of which combined cause you a lot of pain. This has caused you to be concerned about your work and ability to continue.

    You haven't said what kind of work you have, but ultimately it will depend on how you feel and how your work affects your physical health as to if you can continue. The biggest issue you have from what you've said is pain, and there are a few different ways of managing your pain in addition to the medications your doctor has prescribed.

    I'd ask for a referral to a pain clinic if you haven't already had one, as they may be able to give you better advice as pain is their area of speciality. I'd also ask if you could be referred to a physio, who should be able to give you some personalised exercises to help strengthen the muscles around your joints (thus removing some of the strain from the,) as well as provide some alternate treatments such as massage - definitely worth trying out to see if it works for you!

    I'd also chat to your pharmacist and see what over-the-counter pain medications may be safe to take with your prescribed medications (of you don't already take them). Also have a look at our resources here on managing your pain:

    Although you've mentioned pain, don't forget about looking after the rest of you as well. Pain can have an effect on your mental and emotional health as well, and it's important you recognise this as it could be contributing to your worries. Have a look here at different ways to manage different symptoms:

    Finally have a look at this information about work and arthritis, as it may give you a place to start on your worries:

    Take a look around the rest of the forum - there are a lot of people here who are lovely and friendly. Many have had similar problems and I'm sure they'll be able to offer their own stories and advice.

    Lovely to meet you,


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    Thank you so much this is very useful and informative. I am a senior therapeutic care worker for a residential home for young people in care. As part of my role we sometimes have to do safe holds on our young people to either keep them or others safe which I have found is getting really difficult. I do on call and work different shifts and find on my days off I need at least one day of total rest. financially I have to work so I just need to find a way to make it work!