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Just been diagnosed with arthritis of the hip. Any advice about managing pain, very welcome.

Thank you


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    Hello Shilpa, and welcome. I've got OA in my hips too. It came as something of a shock. What stage are you at with referrals to a specialist, or prescriptions for pain management? Sadly you will probably find that these won't make you pain free, but hopefully it will take it down to bearable levels. But it means you need to find other methods.

    It's important to exercise to keep the muscles that support your hips well toned, and there are some specific exercises for hips on this site. A good physio will also be able to guide you through an exercise regime suited to your specific areas of pain and arthritis, and may be able to offer treatments that can reduce the pain.

    Distraction is another way of managing pain - if you get stuck into something you enjoy, it takes your mind off it as well as making you feel better generally. Your pain will feel worse if you get stressed, anxious or depressed, so looking after your whole self is really important.

    If you can, try losing a little weight, as this also takes the load off your hips. I managed to lose a stone over lockdown just by cutting out on alcohol (no, I'm not a heavy drinker!) and nibbles and having smaller portions, but it can be tricky if your pain stops you doing much exercise, as mine does.

    We're a friendly lot on here, so do feel free to join in other discussions, and most importantly, if you want to have a moan or are feeling low, this is the place to come, as we all know how it feels to be arthritis warriors.

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    @ValHorner77 thanks I will send you an email


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