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Hi, i was diagnosed with severe degeneritive arthritis in bottom of spine about 2yrs ago. Although at first things were not too bad and manageable, for the last 10 mth or so the bad days outweigh the good. On a good day i can work almost painfree and sit with the family when home. On a bad day I cannot stand still or sit comfortably for more than 5 min and walking is painfulI. But i have at least 1 or 2 wks every month where i cannot stand/walk at all (sometimes even sit). Everytime i speak to the doc he just asks the same question about bladder control etc.. and then tells me this will happen and all i can do is take meds and rest. Today is the 3rd day in a row i can't stand or sit, just feel lost and dont know what to do.


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    Hi @Blackeye

    Welcome to the Arthritis Community,glad you have found us.

    You were diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in the bottom of the spine 2 years ago,but recently the pain has got worse and cannot stand at times with the don't say what painkillers you are on at the moment and what dose you are taking. I would go back to your GP for a pain killer that works better.

    Meanwhile here is a link on managing pain.

    Also this link.Hope it helps.

    Talking to others helps aswell so just take a look at our forums and start chatting.

    Let us know how you get on.Christine

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    I have a degenerative condition that affects the whole of my spine, as well as OA in most other areas; I have had it for around 20 years and am now 62, because I cannot stand without crutches and cannot sit upright I had to give up work about 8 years ago and now use a wheelchair. I would strongly suggest that you get your GP to refer you to a Pain Clinic as a matter of urgency. They will not be able to rectify your degenerative condition but there are things that can be done as well as different treatments and meds which may help.

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    Hi Blackeye

    Thank you for your post on the forum. I am so sorry to hear that you are in so much discomfort and that the bad days outweigh the good. As others have suggested in their responses, contacting your GP again to have a review of your pain relief and asking if you can be referred to a pain clinic who should be able to help in managing your pain. You could also speak to your GP about a referral to a physiotherapist who can speak to you about activity and appropriate exercises that may help manage this condition. You could also speak to your local council about an Occupational Therapists assessment on your home to see if there are any aids or adaptations that they may be able to put in place for you. I see that you have been sent links to managing pain and Osteoarthritis of the spine and I hope that the information in these links is helpful.

    I would also like to encourage you to call us here on the Helpline so you can talk through your concerns with one of our Helpline Advisors. We are open 9am – 8pm weekdays and the number is 0800 5200 520.

    I very much hope that this information is helpful to you.

    Best Wishes


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    Hi @Blackeye

    I totally sympathise with you. Now I must ask have you seen an orthopedic surgeon at all/recently? How long since X-rays or an MRI?

    I ask because I had similar problems to you my GP using painkillers as a sticking plaster and just getting by. As a woman not being able to sit made using the loo very tricky indeed!! and in the end my back 'went' and I lost the feeling totally in my Rt leg.

    I saw a consultant who advised surgery to save the leg (nerve really) which I had 3 months later. Afterwards he told me my nerve had been so damaged by years of issues that he wasn't sure it would be ok. He said if he had been able to operate 2 years before he could have saved that nerve.....much later and I would have been a wheelchair user.

    Luckily he did do a good job. There was a few discs bulging (70%) and a huge (for in your spine!) piece of bone floating about all sorted out and I am left with just three areas of numbness in that leg.

    Just be sure get an opinion if you haven't already and ideally an MRI.

    Best of luck and do let us know on the main forum how you get on