My 20 year old son is experiencing typical fibro symptoms and has done for a long time, starting with leg pain at school. He has not had a diagnosis. I have fibro really bad so I know he has it. As well as some gastric issues being investigated. Its his last year at Oxford and there is no way he is going back to get locked down! He is sorting the logistics of that to stay at home where he can be supported. This is so unfair my heart is breaking...


  • frogmorton
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    Andie I hope your son can do his studies at home? He must finish his course after 2 years😮

    My youngest daughter got leukaemia at 16 had 2.5 yrs chemo and ended up needing hip surgery and a new shoulder at 18 and 19 respectively so l know what it's like seeing your offspring suffering.

    He is lucky he has a mum who understands and will keep pushing for a diagnosis for him (((()))) for you

  • Andie
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    yes he will be finishing his 3rd year. im so sorry to hear the challenges your daughter has faced in her young life. Both of you... I really needed to share that with someone. I will always fight for him.

    thank you for your kind words. 🤗💐💜