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After some advice as there seems to be Covid going around my local area and we have now had people going into self isolation due to symptoms that I work with, although all currently waiting for results as the system seems to be slow again. Confirmed cases in a couple of local schools whose parents I work with also.

Where do I currently stand as an ex shielding extremely vulnerable person, work did not change anything to help protect me originally on my return other than me wearing a mask let alone more recently and I am starting to feel very anxious.



  • frogmorton
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    You are totally between a rock and a hard place Silverfoxxxx I've thought about your position often since you had to go back to work.

    You can't afford to lose your job that's the problem. I think the Health and Safety Executive are responsible for ensuring that workplaces are COVID compliant....if you know what I mean. If they aren't complying - putting staff in danger could they be reported for inspection?

    If you think they are doing all they are obliged to do all you can do is look after yourself as best you can. Masks face shields, extra use of gel etc and washing clothes showering on return from work?????

    Take care

  • silverfoxxxx
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    Thanks for the above issue, I have raised my concerns within the store and waiting to take it further if nothing is done within hit next few days.

    We’ve just had 2 colleagues come in saying they are having steroid injections, one wrist and one knee and been told they need to isolate after the injection due to the lowered immune system.

    As far as I’m aware being on biological, standard Dmards and previous being on steroid tablets recently my immune system is a lot worse now than when I was only have injections once a year, how can this be, surely if it’s that bad again we should be shielding again and in the safety of our homes.

  • frogmorton
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    Silverfoxxxx you are by no means the only one who thinks it's odd shielding hasn't been reinstated. I for one am rather worried and anxious to avoid as much contact with other as possible.

    Do let us know if work come up with anything at all to help you ((()))