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Hi, hopefully i've got this in the right section.

Im finding that like so many others my hip operation has been moved back due to covid.....but it had actually been moved back before covid. I'm finding it very difficult to walk with two sticks as the pavements around me are like potholes! I do pilates and get out an die do short walks every day, but i'm still only managing short walks.

What i was wanting to ask is whether anyone with hip or knee or any arthritic problems uses a walking frame with wheels. I have a zimmer frame in the house that make sure me feel secure. Because of having epilepsy the medication i'm on causes problems with balance so i end up knocking my arms into door frames. But the zimmer frame does help.

What i'm afraid of is going to a physio and them not taking me seriously. I'm always happy to accept exercises that they suggest....they do help, but only to a point. Painkillers are proving useless due to all the meds i'm taking for my epilepsy. I just really want to get out of the house and see people, socially distanced of course! I am now beginning to feel not great and no confident. A couple of years ago they moved me from one stick to two sticks, but now i feel that things are to jerky and uneven. I know that one of my GPs at my local surgery is really good about arthritis and sports injuries, etc, so i feel i'll have backing from him, but it's just the physio. I just feel that all that i'll get told is to do more exercises. Walking is obviously one of the best things, but it gets to the stage where it is so painful that at times i have had to call for a taxi.

If anyone else uses walking frames i'd love to hear how they get on with them.

Sorry for such a long message!!! I haven't been on here for ages. I think i've just been gritting my teeth and putting up with the pain, but i know just want to get out and talk to people in real life as well as on the computer.




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    Hello again😀

    I've never used a rollator though I've sometimes thought of it. I do have a friend who has used different models though so I've learnt a bit about them.The 4 wheeled ones tend to be more stable but less manoeuvrable than the 3 wheelers. Those with a seat can be very useful for queuing at checkouts. The variation in prices is scary. I goolgled 'rollators independent reviews' (It's always important to get independent reviews not ones from the makers' friends or paid for ones) and I think the most comprehensive is the Which one here

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    I can't comment about frames as I went straight from crutches to a wheelchair, however I do suggest that you contact Adult Social Care at your local Council who will send an Occupational Therapist out to see you; they can assess your needs and advise on the best solution for you, they may also be able to provide the equipment as well.

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    There are some amazing wheeled walking frames you can buy K, but i really think you ought to follow Mike's advice and see if you can get professional advice especially if you are going to buy it yourself.

    As far as physio is concerned surely they would rather you stay on your feet even if it is with help than fall or stop mobilising at all🙄

    Let us know what you do won't you?

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    Hi and thanks,

    im going to talk first with my GP and then see where it goes. Whatever happens i knows it will be a long process because of waiting times for appointments. Thank you very much for the feedback!