Anyone else taking methotrexate now facing lung surgery?


I’ve been on methotrexate for nearly a year. I had the routine chest X-ray that revealed a shadow the radiologist said could be scarring from a previous infection. I had a repeat X-ray and it was there again so referred for CT then PET scan that showed a 20 mm node and an active lymph node. I’m due for surgery on 16 October and find myself wondering if I may have lung cancer because of taking methotrexate. The medication did improve my mobility loads.


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    Hi MsP,

    Apologies for just replying I have only just seen your post. Im sorry to read that you are having lung surgery on the 16th October. What type of Surgery are you having and what hospital are you having it done at?

    I myself have a lung condition and I take methotrexate. Mines called Insterstational Lung Disease and its the scarring of the lungs. I see the shadowing over my lung on an Xray also. I admit it is scary to see. Mine isnt the medication because I take lots of other medication but Rheumatoid Arthritis can contribute to someone having Lung Disease. I will attached a link from the Versus Arthritis website for you to read about and also if you would like to speak to someone in person then I will put the Helpline number down aswell.

    Helpline no: 0800 5200 520

    Hope the 16th goes ok. Take Care