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    You cannot beat meeting others online who understand what you are going through. I suffer with various health issues and my first experience of an online community that offered support was a Facebook one for endometriosis and it really helped me through one of my darkest periods. Since then I have been really passionate about how wonderful it is to have a support system of other sufferers who get what you are going through, can give you the wisdom of their experiences and comfort no matter what stage of your chronic illness journey you are on. Excited to find this community as don't know anyone else who suffers with RA and am having a difficult time with mine right now 👍

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    Greetings, @KatP_NCPS. It is indeed good to have contact with others who share your illness. I had my first bout of RA in my early 30's, one more in the 50's and then the current occurrence over the last 6 years, though thankfully the medication is now working.

    You mention RA and Endometriosis, do you have to contend with both now?

    Here are some links that may be of assistance.

    This is the general forum for contact with others:

    Good luck with your journey and keep us up to date with your progress.

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    Hi @KatP_NCPS

    I am with you totally. and so glad you have found this one. I have been a member for more than a decade!

    I mostly come here to be fair, but have dipped in and out of Epilepsy action for my youngest daughter and Macmillan for her too.

    British Lung Foundation as well for my own long term Lung condition.

    Online communities are FABULOUS 🤗