Week Ending 9th October

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Send Strength - Send Flowers

It takes strength to live with arthritis. Yet daily pain and fatigue can leave someone feeling worn down, especially when people don’t seem to understand.

Versus Arthritis has partnered with Arena Flowers to defy arthritis and create The Strong Bouquet.

You can send this to a person with arthritis to Send Strength. More details at the Arena Flowers web site.

1. Featured Story: “I found the online community a month after diagnosis and am so glad I did.”

Great news article on the web site from Anna 😃

2. Confirm Your Email Address

Many readers who are not members of the forum who sign up to join the Online Community seem to get stuck in our 3-step joining process.

  • Step 1 is registering by filling out the form.
  • Step 2 is looking in your email box to click the button that confirms your email address
  • Step 3 is making your first post, in Say Hello or on the Readers Say Hi discussion

We are now hoping to get all our applicants for membership to confirm their email addresses and then move on to make a first post. As we say in our welcome: don't be shy, come and say hi !

3. Win £25,000 in the Versus Arthritis weekly lottery

Each week you could be in with the chance of winning a tax-free jackpot of £25,000. Imagine what you could do with £25,000! There are hundreds of other cash prizes up for grabs each week too - all you have to do is play.

Play the weekly lottery and you will join a community of thousands defying arthritis together. Support the cause you love and play for the jackpot too - it really is win-win!

4. Not An Everyday Event

We could not have chosen a better day of the year to officially launch Arthr than World Arthritis Day! Join Arthr for a unique virtual event on Monday 12th October at 5pm as they launch the new venture, powered by Versus Arthritis, and showcase their innovative range of arthritis products that make ‘the everyday’ easier.

Guest speakers from Versus Arthritis and John Lewis will be presenting and the event will also be an exclusive up-close look at the Arthr product range for the first time.

5. Send Strength - The Campaign

The campaign to Send Strength to someone living with arthritis will run through the whole of October. Keep a look out for our posters appearing on advertising boards and bus stops across the country!

Yet more new updates on advice and support will be coming to the Coronavirus pages. As well as keeping up with the latest information, do check out our dedicated resources for EnglandNorthern IrelandScotland and Wales.

Stay safe, stay well.



  • frogmorton
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    Well that was an interesting read this week Brymor.

    I especially like the loo riser and the car door thingy to enable you to use the car door to get in and out. The pill popper key turners some good ideas.

    The flowers can be sent to anyone not only someone who has arthritis (although that would be nice especially if they came here!). They aren't cheap, but gosh they are lovely and the company who make them are ethical.

    Anna - I know you don't I?? hmmm????😉