Pumpkin Picking

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With now being in a tier 2 area finding something to do with the kiddies is quite difficult. However, I think we did well this weekend - we went out to a farm which were doing pick your own pumpkins. We had a corn maze, Halloween monsters liberally sprinkled through the maze, and then wandered all over the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkins to carve tomorrow. It was surprisingly fun 😊 Thought I'd share the pumpkins pre-carved - I'll try to share the finished ones tomorrow!

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    I live in a village, which if you google the name, the pumpkin farm comes up. we have one lane through and I live on it @Shaphron so usually quite glad when it's over gets a tad congested and very muddy😃

    Our pumpkin field is also full of scarecrows and the like as well as (normally) a sort of train thingy to run families up to the pumpkins my sister and my nephew and his wife aged 59, 33 and 26 respectively go every year😂bless 'em!

    The remaining family members do a blind vote to chose the winner.

    Looking forward to seeing your efforts when they are done.

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    Much better eaten! I’m off to make some more soup.👌