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Hi all, i'm new to this, thought if post a hello here and share whats up, learn and get some info!!

About 5 to 6 years ago i noticed a pain in my right thumb, and a bit of a lump on the knuckle, went to the doctors, he suspected arthritis, and books me for an xray. Went along for my xray, got the results pretty much there and then, "yep, sorry, you have arthritis in your right thumb" and that was it!! no follow up, no suggestions, no treatment or advice, nowt!! fast forward to now, i'm now 41 and my thumb is really painful, much bigger in size, sometimes my handwriting isn't right because i cant hold the pen, i have the early signs of the same condition in my left thumb and my right wrist. its difficult for me because i'm on site, on the tools, and very hands on.

Im wondering, surly some thing could be done to ease, slow it down? and to the extreme, i'm young enough to have an operation to have it scraped out or something?

Excuse my ignorance, but i really dont know much about it. I know there are people much worse off than me, but i am hoping just maybe there is something i could do to help it? maybe a re visit to the doctors? i just don't know, thought this might be a good place to find out information, any help and hello's welcome.



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    Hi @Air_Cool_Austin good to meet you and welcome you to the Online Community. This is definitely the place to find out stuff get help and support too.

    I see you are struggling with your thumbs - particularly the right thumb and wrist. There are things which can be done from physiotherapy right through to surgical options.

    Take a look at this information and then you will need to get referred to a specialist by your GP.

    This thread might be of interest from earlier this year:

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Air_Cool_Austin

    Good to meet you. Sounds like your job hasn't helped slow the progression down any🙄

    Definitely have to agree you should ask to 'see someone' and maybe you could have a steroid injection into the joint. This can be a miracle for some. My own Ex MIL has had loads over the years thumbs, trigger fingers and facet joints in her spine. They have worked every time for her and given her months and months and months pain free! Not so others for whom they fail to do anything🙄

    Take care