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I am new here so Hello everyone, I have RA and have been on Methotrexate for nearly three years, apart from nausea in the early days I have tolerated it well, my blood tests have always been fine, so I was shocked when my Rheumatology Consultant phoned to say my last bloods show that my liver is not very happy. He said it could be a rogue result, he said to miss my next two doses of Methotrexate and have my bloods done again, has anyone experienced this and the bloods the following time were OK, i'm worried about stopping the Methotrexate and wondering what drugs will be next, sorry for the lengthy post... Carole


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    Hi @caziann

    Great to meet you, welcome to your online community.

    You have had routine blood tests that have shown a possible liver complication with your methotrexate.

    This is the very reason that you have the blood tests, so any complicatons will be picked up straight away. Your consultant has advised you to wait a couple of weeks and have another test. This will be worrying as you will be waiting for time to pass before your next test. Try not to worry too much, just know that it's under control and you won't be left on a drug that is bad for you and you won't be in limbo even if you do have to stop meth as you were when waiting for the meth to start working.

    I know some fellow members have been in similar situations and they will be able to reassure you as well

    Please make sure you tell us the outcome of your next test and what is happening next

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    I certainly will, thank you, I look forward to any more replies, lovely welcome, great to meet you to

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    Anyone else?

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    I've had a single rogue result, about 8 months ago now. :) I can't remember which reading it was (one of the liver-related numbers), and it wasn't high enough for them to tell me to stop taking MTX, but they asked me to come back sooner than usual for my next blood test after which they'd decide. Next test was totally back to normal! So your consultant's right - it can happen. :)