Post-steroid injection pain

Hi my name is Becky and I’m new to the forum. I’ve had my eyes opened to the suffering a lot of you go through in recent years. I’ve been diagnosed with autoimmune seronegative arthropathy 3 years ago and for the last 20 months have had severe chronic pain coming from costotransverse joints. I had long awaited steroid injections into them on Friday 16th Oct and my pain has been worse since. I have had steroid injections before into other areas of my back and other joints but this has been by far the most painful. I’ve been trying to rest a lot and am applying an ice pack regularly (there is visible swelling at the injection sites) and this helps a bit. In other people’s experience could the injections still work and have you got any tips to help alleviate the pain (apart from meds)?

I’m with you all in the battle.



  • Brynmor
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    Hi @Jarofclay and welcome to the Online Community.

    Having a painful reaction from a steroid injection / epidural is really difficult to cope with and it sounds as though you are trying hard to manage the pain.

    Our web site has some information on this that may prove of some help including information on heat/ice packs, exercise, posture and pain management.

    Finding the right combination of treatment and balance of approach is really hard. I understand as I have had a back pain of varying severity for a very long time and have yet to solve how to treat it on bad mornings.

    I haven't tried steroids so I look forward to reading any replies from members who have used this treatment.

    Do let us know how you get on, what works and what doesn't. Do ask any questions and call in for a chat or a moan - its all helpful as we do understand what it is like 😃

    Best wishes


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    Thanks Brynmor. Just ‘talking’ to people who understand is helpful in itself. Thanks for the resources. I’ll take a look.