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I am living with arthritis aways in pain just waiting to go to pain clinic


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    Hi Carol,

    Welcome to the online community, this is the place to come when you need support and friendship to get through each day. It sounds like you are really struggling at the moment because you are always in pain. The pain from arthritis can be a constant, sort of wearing down pain and it is hard to get over.

    The frst thing is to know you are not alone, you have found your way here for a reason, start by telling it just as it is get everything down, and then we will be beside you to help and support you. I too have arthritis and have pain. For me, when the pain is bad I start by checking over my meds, I take strong pain meds and I know I'm able to take paracetamol alongside so I add in a regular dose of that for 2 or 3 days. Taking it regularly is better than waiting for pain to get truly severe. I like heat generally, so I have a hot gel bottle which is great, a blanket on the couch or bed and find something to watch or listen to. I keep topped up with a drink - and eats if its the right time - every hour or so. Small gains are good, be nice to yourself, it's not your bodies fault.

    Here's our info on pain and some tips to help manage it

    It's good you have an appointment with the pain clinic, I've found them really helpful, lots of ways to distract myself from the pain as well as tweaks to meds.

    Sending you strength Carol, take a breath then post another comment so our help will be just what you need.

    Take care

    Yvonne x