15mg methotrexate weekly


Does anyone else take this does for RA? I was originally on 12.5mg which was reasonable ok, side effects were present but nothing I couldn’t handle. However the dose just wasn’t taking the edge off the pain in my joints so it was agreed to increase the dose.

Since increasing the dose 3 weeks ago, this week will be my 4th week at 15mg I’ve noticed side effects that weren’t there before and the ones I had are more amplified. I’m suffering with hair thinning and seem to be shedding hair more. I’m bloating and my tummy feels quite tender and I’m experiencing a huge decrease in motivation, all I want to do is rest and be warm/comfy. Normally I’d be quite active or busy throughout the evening after work.

Anyone else experiencing this, I don’t want to whine to the Specialist as I fear they may drop the dose which is working for my joints... I just wondered if anyone had tips or some advice, not gunna lie the one tablet increase is writing me off x


  • Constance
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    Hello AmyB14

    Sorry to hear that you are struggling with Methotrexate. I have been taking 20mgs weekly for over 20 years plus my folic acid tablet as prescribed. It is not an easy journey but eventually you will see some benefits. I would always rest when need be and did not feel guilty about it. I kept a diary just to see how I was coping with each day, some days were better than others . I also go for my regular blood tests as suggested by Rheumatology team. Keep on trying and don't give up.

    Take care

    Constance x

  • Ellen
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    Good Moring @AmyB14

    Sorry you are struggling with your increased Methotrexate (MTX) dose.

    This thread might be of interest:

    Do let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


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  • AmyB14
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    Thank you! It’s so difficult to not feel guilty for sitting in bed and resting especially when prior to the flare up I’d be exercising around 6 times per week. I’ll try to in increase the folic acid so far I’m only trying to take the one tablet the day after the methotrexate dose but it’s becoming tougher now. Thank you for the advice and support, sometimes it’s more than needed. X

  • ive cut mine down from the 25 I was started on, to 12.5 now and all has bin well for some months..Taking adalimumab too and will start reducing that soon.Both reductions are just on general principle, and not cos I was getting any adverse effects, apart from some psoriasis since the adalimumab started...

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    Hi @AmyB14

    Do NOT feel guilty f you have to stay in bed not your fault. If your Dr has prescribed more folic acid then you might be right to give it a try ((()))

  • AmyB14
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    Thanks everyone for the support. Some days I have more energy than others but I’m hoping the flare up will calm down in a few months or so. It’s just trying to come to terms with the facts of not being as fit and able that is difficult. The lack of motivation and drive when I used to have a lot of energy. I really appreciate your support. I’ve taken a folic everyday and don’t feel as tired x