Hi, I'm not Pain free

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Dear Everyone,I Struggled to Do a Post for you But Needless to say It NEVER went anywhere...This has happened So many times before because your Reply is Not the one you use...I am Sorry But one of my Afflictions is a Short Term Memory loss...Which is Destroying what is left of my Life...I Will try again to send this Post to your Online Forum...I Just Hope it gets there...Kind Regards

I am Sorry but I am in Agony at the moment, After falling out of bed 5 times in the last 10 weeks...The first 3 times of doing this I Felt No Pain at all and later I Totally forget about it...So another 3/4 weeks later I did the same thing again and this time I Did Really Hurt myself...I have already said Hello already...I am Sorry about not getting back to you Girls and Guys sooner but alas I did eventually end up in Hospital Needless to say...If anyone wants to talk Please just send me your message and I will get back to you as I Can...Kind Regards

Hello yet again I also should have mentioned I am a bit Accident Prone etc...I look forward to talking to anyone who is interested in talking to me...My Username is Painfree and I have had Many Experiences in my lifetime so Please feel free to come and say Hello Sometime...Kind Regards


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    Hi @Painfree

    Welcome to the Online Community. I'm pleased you have chosen to join us.

    You have a problem falling out of bed right now, that must be distressing, and it has ended up with you having to go to hospital.

    Would you be able to do something to stop yourself falling out of bed? Maybe push your bed up to the wall to get one side safe and get a rail for the other side? You could get in touch with your local social services for an assessment, they watch you doing normal things and then suggest ways to make that easier or safer.

    Do you have any arthritis? It would be good if you could share a bit how you are managing with that at the moment

    Take care

    Yvonne X

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    Hi @Painfree

    Very good to meet you and that you have managed to post. When you log in if you look at the top RT corner there is a little bell. Any replies to this thread will appear there so should be easy to find.

    I am sorry to hear you keep falling out of bed and ended up in hospital after 5 falls I am not surprised.

    I don't know whether this information will be of any use to you it's about pain?

    Do tell us a little about your Arthritis if you feel comfortable it does help people respond to you a bit easier.

    Join in wherever you feel comfortable everyone is very supportive.

    Best wishes