Pain in my hands

Hi my name is Trevor I did join before but password gets forgotten.

Anyway I suffer with Rumeriod Arthrightous I gave up smoking because I'm to go to Hospital for a operation on my back but when I'm not sure. Anyway sine I gave up smoking beginning of this month I am getting a lot of pain in my hands I'm on Methratex 15mg every week and also I'm on Kazvara 200mg once a fortnight I just wondered if anybody else are going through the same thing,and also my walking is bad but hopefully it will get better after the operation on my back but this has been going on since March when I was in hospital for suspected hip problems that's when they said it was coming from my back,I have seen the surgeon that will be doing the operation so on the waiting list,I will be speaking to somebody from the Rumeriod dept on Saterday for a phone consultation see what happens then,so any comments in the meantime would be very much appreciated .regards Trevor.


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    Hi @Trevor and welcome back to the Online Community.

    I have taken the liberty of moving your post from the bottom of a previous thread to start a new discussion.

    Kevzara is usually taken in conjunction with methotrexate and it is a long-term treatment which may take between two and 12 weeks before you notice your symptoms improving - (the links to both drugs have helpful information).

    It does sound as though you are having a bad time with your rheumatoid arthritis with a particular flare in your hands. You might like to try some gentle exercises to help manage the pain: more details can be found here:

    Good luck with your consultation on Saturday. Do let us know how you get on.

    All best wishes