I am new here

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Looking forward to discussing my arthritis issues with you all.


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    Hi @Crowtoad and welcome to the online community!

    We’re a friendly bunch and we’re looking forward to discuss arthritis issues with you too!

    Why don’t you tell us a bit more about yourself so we can give you a proper welcome?

    Anna : )

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    I started having pain in my knee over a year ago now. Trouble is I do not know for sure if it is arthritis as 3 physios gave me 3 different diagnosis. One said it was a torn meniscus, another said torn ACL and the last one I saw said it was arthritis. Now because of the corona virus, all face to face appointments with doctors and physios have been cancelled.

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    I have replied to you on the other thread MRI @Crowtoad

    Best wishes


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    NHS England sent a letter to all GP practices asked practices to ensure they have made clear through communication with the public – whether online or through verbal conversations – that face to face appointments continue to be on offer, where clinically appropriate, in addition to video and phone consultations.