98 year old mum with painful arthritis in her hands

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Hello, my name is Jen and I am trying to help my 98 year mum who is suffering badly with really painful arthritis in her hands. Her hands are the most painful first thing in the morning - she puts her hands in warm water to try and get some relief. Finding a lot of things very difficult; like changing her hearing aid battery - her fingers can't pick up the tiny battery; she's dropping things because her fingers are now so clumsy and she's very frustrated. Has anyone got any advise, medication or remedies to alleviate this problem?

Many thanks

Jen Barnes (daughter)


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    Hi @jenbar and welcome to the online community,

    All our members have experience of living or caring for someone with arthritis and many also look after elderly parents, so you and your Mum are in good company. Arthritis in the hands such as your Mum has can cause problems with pain and fine motor movements and it’s often worse in the mornings.

    You’ve probably already done this, but it’s worth getting in touch with your GP. Do you know if it’s Rheumatoid or osteo-arthritis that’s causing the problems? Different types have different treatments so it’s best to talk to a professional about medication to relieve pain. Over the counter remedies such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can help in either case ( check with the pharmacist if your Mum can take them with her other meds) and it might be helpful if she could take some painkillers about half an hour before she gets up if she can. That way it will give them time to work.

    i have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and if they are hot and swollen then I find that cold works better than heat to ease them. Others with osteo-arthritis find that warmth works better.

    Members in the community may have different suggestions to make but meanwhile, you could look at the Versus Arthritis booklet on hand and wrist pain which gives some information and tips:

    Wishing you and your Mum the best - I bet she’s glad she has a caring daughter like you on her side. Do let us know how she and you are getting on.

    Anna : )

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