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I’m Abbie and have recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I have been signed off work for 2 months due to Extreme pain. I am starting methotrexate soon and have been advised to stay off work during the adjustment period of the medication.

I am desperate to go back to work, has anyone experienced something similar to this?


  • Anna
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    Hi @Aching_not_breaking and welcome to the online community,

    First of all, let me say what a brilliant username you’ve got - it sums up the way many of us feel here! I’m sure you’ll get on very well with all our members.

    You’ve been signed off from work for two months while you get started on a course of methotrexate to treat your rheumatoid arthritis. It can take anything from 3-12 weeks before the medication starts to take effect so don’t worry if you don’t feel better straight away. I’m sure other members will be able to tell you their experiences of the drug, and suggest ways of dealing with the pain, but meanwhile you might find some useful information below about methotrexate from the Versus Arthritis website:

    Do keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting on.

    Best wishes,

    Anna : )

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    Hi Abbie @Aching_not_breaking

    Lovely to meet you. I suspect most of us can relate to your story.

    I am sorry you are suffering at the moment and hope MTX will really help you. 2 months should really help you to start your medication and get used to any side effects you might have. An awful lot of us have none at all though.

    Do keep posting and asking questions this place is a hive of information!

  • Tom
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    I was om MTX for two years. I did have problems with mood swings, griping and constipation. I was moved to sulfasalazine and Hydroxychloquine and have got on much better, probably the best period over the past 5 years.