my name is scarlett and I have to live with this condition for the rest of my life, i was diagnosed with this condition at the age of 17, osteoarthritis is very painful, inflammation of joints, painful when you have to move, I have brilliant doctors who listen and act on that information, finding pain relief is like a lotto! some work some dont, my consultant is not very helpful, he says that I should have a operation especially on my right ankle, I am not keen, as my left knee replacement was dreadful I really wish it hadnt of happened, it's more painful now than it was before! he picks holes in my medications!! I respect him, he studied hard to get to the position he has, but pr skills leave a lot to be desired!! I am keen to know members experiences of their treatment etc!


  • Tom
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    Welcome to the forum @shzbod

    You have lived with OA since the age of 17 and are having difficulties with finding effective pain relief. Here are some links where you may find help:

    Have a read of the Discussions and try the helpline other pointers.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  • Lilymary
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    I sympathise. My consultant's patient handling skills are appalling too. I leave utterly depressed instead of filled with hope. I'll just have to trust that what he lacks in communication he makes up for as a good surgeon.

    My last GP was an angel but she's left now and I've not been too impressed with some of her colleagues so far. I hate it that you have to push to make yourself heard sometimes.

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    Ask to be referred to a Pain Clinic if you have not been already, plus are there any Arthritis Groups in your area (not that you can go at the moment anyway!). Chat and moan on here it can be quite helpful! I was discharged from my Pain clinic about 10 years ago with the words "there is nothing else we can do for you"; since then my OA has spread, I use crutches and a wheelchair, have had my driving licence taken away and am vitrualy housebound with only my cat for company. I have had a couple of MRIs and Xrays in the last couple of years which were set up by my GP to prove my deteriorating condition but there has been no follow up whatsoever, on asking my GP for the results he merely said "it's getting worse". I agree with Lilymary, you have to push to get help which can be really exhausting at times.