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Newly joined (although a member of NRAS). I’m 73, diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis, currently on Metoject 15mgs (5th time today...so far, so good) and Hyrimoz (2nd time this week, uneventful!). I seem to be in a prolonged flare which varies in intensity day to day...hopefully the Hyrimoz will soon kick in and I’ll be on track with my ‘normal’ life. I love the outdoors, walking with my lively field spaniel, cooking and spending time with family and friends...plenty of other activities too to keep me occupied when RA and/or Covid restrictions strike. Thankfully I am a glass three quarters full person 🌞


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    Hi @CallMeSunny

    Welcome to the Arthritis Community lovely to meet such a positive person you say that you have Inflammatory Arthritis and taking medication for this,and are a fully fledged member of NRAS.you seem to have a very busy life and enjoy every minute.

    We have lots of positive and encouraging people on this forum who love to chat,the most popular are Living with Arthritis,Chit Chat and vals café.

    hope this link helps you.

    All the best and please keep in touch Christine

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    Hello @CallMeSunny

    Lovely to meet you and welcome you to the forum from me too🙂 Everyone here is lovely so just join in wherever you like everyone will make you feel at home.

    A glass half full is the way to be and very much like me 99% of the time. I hope your nice shiny new medication does the job to restore things to 'normal' asap for you.

    Do hang about this forum is a good way to feel useful supporting others (in my case paying back to the massive support it has given me) as well as get advice yourself.

    take care