Just recently had a telephone appointment with my doctor re my knee pain. She said GP's cannot refer a patient for an MRI scan, this has to go through physio who then refer you to orthopaedics. So now I am waiting for a referral appointment with a consultant to see what the next step is. I asked how long this would take and she did not have a clue due to the Corona virus. Anyone else out there been told the same thing? and how long is the "wait" before a consultation? I have looked into prices for private scans and they vary from about £250 upwards. I suppose it depends on the hospital and what part of the body they are scanning. Meanwhile I am on paracetomol and topical gel ointment.


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    It really is a postcode lottery I think. I was diagnosed in March and waited about 6 months for my first orthopaedic appointment. I got the impression they were trying to see as many people as possible when they reopened. Now the infections are on the rise again, who knows how things will be in the months to come. When I rang the hospital even they didn’t have a clue what they were doing on a day to day basis.

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    Hi @Crowtoad

    well you have started the ball rolling well done.

    As soon as you know who you will be seeing you need to get on to his/her secretary and offer to take a consultation at short notice. This might help you jump the queue a bit. Many of us have done this including me in the past. The short notice for me was 3 days so easily do-able.

    Take care