I’ve stopped Naproxen & feel dreadful


Hi there, I’ve not been here for sometime, it’s changed hugely!

I’ve an uncorrected scoliosis, OA, back, knees, neck & hip all affected (back surgery & knee replacement) I’ve taken Naproxen 500g and Omeprazole daily for about 6yrs, I know it’s not supposed to be taken long term but my GP has kept prescribing it because it helped so much, it makes things tolerable most of the time (in the past I took gabapentin, Tramadol, Amitryptyline, weaned myself off them) recently I’ve experienced a lot of heartburn and being concerned about my stomach lining, I stopped the Naproxen. Its now approx 48hrs later & I’m feeling miserable, I’m stiff, shuffling, holding my head up is an effort, my neck & hip are much worse than just a few days ago, when I either get out of bed or up from a chair it’s taking an age to get upright and moving. My consumption of co codamol (Zapain) has increased, my heart burn has gone! I’m on the brink of re starting the Naproxen as I feel so rotten. I need a GP appointment really, to review the situation, but dread being advised to swim or do yoga, I’ve tried it all, I still ride my bike regularly on the flat, I love this & dread not being able to continue, right now I just can’t face it.

My husband runs and loves it, I feel low and sick of being uncomfortable and in pain & not joining in with activities. We’ve just collected an 8week old Labrador pup and I’m really anxious about not being able to do my bit in his care.

Can anyone advise, what has helped you? I hate relying on medication, but I reached a point several years ago where positive thinking & understanding pain (completed a physio led functional restoration course) just isn’t enough.

Sorry for such a poor me ramble.


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    Hi @Biyadhoo , and welcome. I’m sorry you’re feeling so rough, but as you probably already know from last experience, stopping a drug that you have been taking for a long time needs to done under guidance from your doctor. The Naproxen works by reducing inflammation, and this may be why you’re so much stiffer, whereas the others are “just” pain relief, so they’re each doing a different job. I’d suggest you review your meds with your doctor.

    I know how you feel living with someone who is so fit. My husband is a cyclist, runner and fell walker, and we spent many years doing huge walks together. It’s now all I can do to get round the shops for half an hour. I’ve just had to accept this, it’s painful, but as others have said, if some pleasures are no longer open to you, look for others. Your pup sounds ideal - if you’re engrossed and enjoying yourself, you don’t notice the pain, there’s more to having a dog than huge walks, there’s play time, short walks, snuggles, your dog won’t mind that you’re a bit slow. He just wants to be cared for and loved. It could be the best thing you could do!

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    Hi @Biyadhoo do I know you from the past under another username?

    I take a PPI - proton pump inhibitor now due to having taken brufen for decades without even food (I don't think I knew!) and having horrendous heartburn. The one I take is lansoprazole, but some take omeprazole. It really helps.

    I don't know how helpful your GP is, but I think you have very little choice now but to have a consultation and restart the naproxen if he/she thinks it best.

    Sending ((()))

    Take care

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    Thank you. Hi Froggy, I remember that name! Yes, I used the old forum a while ago as Suziekettles, I’d forgotten my login details & have a new email address which seemed to complicate things, so re registered. Since then I’ve had a couple more back procedures, I didn’t get a great deal of relief and the Consultant didn’t think there was a lot more they could offer, I didn’t want to even consider having the scoliosis operated on at this stage (59) if I’m sensible, my back has been tolerable recently, altho a cough (possibly connected with the heart burn) hurts it. It’s neck, knee & hip that occupy me now! 10-12 yrs ago we walked all the time, not HUGE distance, but 4-6 miles was nothing, now even short distances can be challenging, some days are better than others.

    I think I need a review appointment, I’m reluctant to get in touch just now with the cv situation, but I think I need to overcome that. Puppy has had breakfast, wee outside & a poo indoors, time for a shower!

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    Hi @Biyadhoo, welcome back to the online community!

    i would definitely recommend making a doctors appointment to discuss stopping any medication. Even in the current climate is still important to do so, there is more that goes into our medication than we know, so always worth speaking to your GP before doing it yourself.

    With regards to the heartburn, there are some options your GP has which can solve that without coming off naproxen, especially when the naproxen seems to be helping you with everything else. As Frogmorten said, lansoprazole is a good medication - I take 15mg in the morning and my heartburn has completely gone. I haven’t had any other side effects from it either, so I’d highly recommend talking to your GP and trying something like that instead of stopping the naproxen.

    i too dislike having the appointments only to be told I need to do more exercise or whatever. I do the best I can with the time and energy I have, and I really do try, so it’s never fun to be told you’re not doing enough. But in some instances you just have to grin and cope with it. I’d suggest, if you have the time / spoons available, looking into dine if the targeted exercises for your aching areas, then you can say to the doctors that you’re doing targeted exercise as well as your biking, which may help with that conversation. Have a look here for some more info:

    i look forward to seeing you around the community - do please join in with any other conversation you like.

    It’s lovely to meet you 😊


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    I was put on Naproxen over a year ago and really I shouldn't have been because I have Diverticular disease. Started getting symptoms of the disease back again as it aggravates the condition plus other side effects. I am unable to take NSAIDS (non steroid anti inflammatory drugs) and this is what I could do with for the knee pain. I think it is trial and error with pain killers, there are so many available and it is down to the one that works for the individual. We have a dog, and I cannot manage to take him for walk now, so my husband has to take him every time. I am finding it increasingly difficult to carry out certain tasks in the house and also I had to give up driving. My husband does not drive so limited of where we can go, especially now there is another lockdown. Can get really depressed as seem to be housebound most of the time. I have never been one for sitting around doing nothing, so quite a big change of lifestyle for me. Good job I have my husband to help with everything, otherwise by now I think I would have had to have a Carer coming in. Apart from all this, everything is hunky dory!

    See if you can get a telephone appointment with your GP and insist on one asap, otherwise they will more than likely offer you one in 3 weeks time which they have done with me before. I got an appointment a few days ago, and when I rang up the receptionist asked if it was an emergency! I said no it wasn't but I was in pain and needed to speak to a doctor. I got an appointment the same day.

    Best of luck with your little puppy. You can still try to do your bit from being sat down, teaching basic commands and maybe the odd trick! We got our dog at 8 weeks old, a Sheltie, he is now nearly 12 years old and when his time comes we will both miss him like hell.

    All the best!

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    Hi @Biyadhoo ! Suzikettles! Now I remember you!!

    Yep Froggy is still here. Like a bad penny. It's good to see you again and hope the forum will support you as well as last time.

    Sorry to hear you can't walk as far as you used to be able to. Neither can I but I do still go I take walking poles for that sort of thing although I have other walking aids for inside if needs be. A friend recently recommended some waterproof mittens which i am going to get and am sat her on my new wedge cushion hoping it will help a bit.

    We keep on trying don't we?! That's all we can do🙂

    Great to see you back and would love to see a pic of puppy on pets corner!