Strange sensations.


Hi everyone for the last year I’d say I’ve been suffering with a sensation on top of my shoulder and top of my Inner arm On both sides. It starts off as a tingling sensation to which you just have to scratch it then it’s like stinging nettles have attacked you so you scratch again I’ve tried ice doesn’t help it it and I’ve used germeline with local anaesthetic in it that doesn’t work either just seems to go on it’s own it can be quick or last hours ( it woke me one night and as I’m on amytriptiline I was shocked as I’m usually spark out and it lasted for hours !) It seems like a petty thing compared to my arthritis pain but my guess is it’s nerve pain ??? Anyone else have this ? 😊


  • Lilymary
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    I do ‘t have this but it does sound like nerve pain. Do you have a physio you can go to? They may be able to do a zoom consultation.

  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Gillyb

    Sounds like a nerve is getting impinged or something like that to me too. You are already on amitrip so can't suggest that to relax you and your muscles.

    It might be coming from your neck and if it only happens in bed could you try changing your pillows maybe a rolled up hand towel in the groove of your neck to ease any pressure happening when you lie down???