Arthritis in my neck

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Hi I'm Iris,

Have not had a formal diagnosis but from speaking to doctor by phone he says arthritis, have had no scan or xray, at moment managing with twice daily exercises given to me by physio,and paracetamol, but pain at times can be debilitating., it affects my head as well. How can I be sure it is arthritis,?, I am also osteopeinic and have had 2 vertebral compressions. Any advice would be welcome.


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    Hello Iris and welcome to the Online Community

    Although not a formal diagnosis, the doctor is saying that you have arthritis and it is likely that he will carry out a fuller diagnosis when he is next able to have a face-to-face consultation.

    Arthritis isn’t a single condition and there are several different types. You can read up more about them here:

    There is also a useful page of information regarding neck pain on the web site which covers the different causes of neck pain, managing the pain and also treatments:

    Do let us know what the doctor says, call in for a chat and tell us how you are getting on. You will be made most welcome.

    Best wishes