Being worn down - help


Hello I’m Gill I’m 65 Don’t look my age and I’m young at heart I work part time and retire in 11 months

I have degenerative disc disease and arthritis in most of my joints which is so painful but at the moment it’s my knee I need a new one and I’ve just been told I need to lose weight my BMI is 34 and I’m 5’4 so I need to lose some but it’s hard as I can’t walk properly with this knee plus the bones in my foot on same leg Have degenerated so I can’t bend my foot and walking is painful.

Doctor has said I will probably need to tell surgeons this as I need to be able to bear weight on it.

I can diet I can lose some But in the meantime I’m struggling 1- it’s going to be a long wait 2- they can’t give me stronger tablets so I’m really in pain and getting so upset every day.

people don’t understand think I’m a baby or putting it on ... take a tablet they say believe me I could overdose to take away this pain.

I have arthritis in my hands shoulders lower discs knees and if anyone squeezes me it’s like a million bolts going through me.

I can’t stand from sitting / laying without help then after a while I get a bit more ‘ looser’ but then my foot will seize and I cannot straighten my bad knee it’s constantly bent.

I'm no baby I’m strong but I’m being gradually being worn down.

Any advice will be welcome


  • Shell_H
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    Hi @Gillyb ,

    I'd suggest maybe looking into some stretches you can do while in bed and lying down - that helps me find it easier to loosen up. You will have to be careful about what your bad knee can do though.

    Losing weight is incredibly hard when your ability to exercise is reduced. I'd suggest finding some targeted exercises for your other joints (I'm not sure what you'd be able to do with your worst knee) and stretches you can do, and keeping a log of when you do them. Maybe take a photo of everything you eat (that way you don't have to weigh it all!) and using this to show your good faith with the doctors. You can only do as much as you can do, and if you show them what you're doing, and that you're doing the best you can, they tend to understand better.

    The replacement surgery can really make a difference - my mother has had a replacement knee, and while it was a lot of work to do the correct exercises afterwards it has made a huge difference for her. Keep holding on and I'm sure you'll get there!


  • Shaphron
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    It is really trying when people don't understand how bad the pain is. Taking a tablet isn't enough to remove the pain, but they just don't know as they've never had to deal with it themselves. Depending on the people saying this I'd advise either education - explaining exactly what tablets you've already taken that day and showing that the pain hasn't gone away - this should work with people who genuinely care about you. Those who don't care enough to listen to you, ignore them. It's hard, so very hard, but if you keep caring about them then your life will only be harder as they will make it harder for you the more time you spend with them. It's harsh advice, I know, but give some thought to which people are worth you keeping in your life, and which ones just make your life harder.

    Best wishes

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  • Tara
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    Hello Gill,

    I just saw your message I am new to this site I joined as I have facet osteoarthritis in my lower back and it gets me down with the constant pain and having to sit, stand and basically get through the day and wanted to relate and talk to people who have to deal with an ongoing problem like I have. I really do feel for you and when people don't understand what you are going through its hard to deal with and understand why they are so dismissive about it .

    I started listening to a Mindfulness CD which comes with a book that you read about how to deal with pain and it has about 6 different levels for you to work up to to train your mind with the thoughts and pain your going through..and has proven breathing techniques for helping pain I found it helpful and relaxing, you also learn as your reading through the book other people's life experiences about how they cope with the pain it's called mindfulness for health a practical guide to relieving pain reducing stress and restoring wellbeing by Vidyamala burch and Danny penman.

    I hope this might help you.. Stay Strong Stay focused and positive you're not alone.

  • frogmorton
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    Hi Gill

    I think I've just replied on your other thread. Good to meet you again anyway!

    You are amazing to still be working 😮 definitely no baby! Anyone who says so isn't worth listening to at all😠

    Plenty of us understand the misery of constant pain and are with you. Don't beat yourself up about it.

    Maybe it's time we had another weight-loss thread on here? we have done it before people losing phenomenal amounts of weight often with surgery in mind. The support you get from each other/this community can really help keep you motivated.

    Take care and be kind to yourself!!