Facet osteoarthritis in lower back

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Hi everyone,

I have facet osteoarthritis ( It more less happened over night without warning going along in life without a care in the world so to speak and it happened!! ) and I have lived with it for 18 years throughout that time I have seen so many consultants and physio's in the disparate hope of making it go away.... I have to be aware of how much I sit or stand in one position and turning. I have good and bad days, most days I have to cope with the pain and my mood can change as it can be depressing to keep having to deal with it all the time. I used to be so active but now I have to watch what I do and try to keep it under control by Pilates exercises... Love to hear from anyone for inspiration on how they manage with ongoing pain its good to chat x


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    Hi @Tara - welcome to the online community!

    You've got Osteoarthritis in your facet joints. You're asking for advice on managing ongoing pain and how other people cope.

    Asd this is new to you I'd have a quick look at this information here which may help with some ideas for you:

    I'd also take a quick look around this page, which can give you ideas on how to manage pain and other symptoms which are common with OA:

    I try to manage my pain with stretching and exercise - like your pilates - combined with a couple of supplements and painkillers. There are many discussions here on the community about what to try, and my best advice is to give different things a try - sometimes heat pads work for people, sometimes massage or acupuncture, some supplements work for some people, and sometimes finding the right stretching routine for before you get up is the answer. Sadly most things take a few attempts to decide if it's for you or not, but there are a lot of options for you to give a go. Happily a lot of them can even be done during lockdown (massage and acupuncture may have to wait however!) Do look around, see what others have said and join in with the conversations. Everyone here is friendly and helpful, so don't be worried 😊

    It's lovely to meet you,


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    Hi @Tara

    My ex MIL has damage to her facet joints too and has regular injections into hers. Have you ever tried them?

    I have also got a rotten back myself, but not as far as I know my facet joints. I know exactly what you mean about watching how you go all the time. I have had surgery on mine which helped a lot to be fair I got my whole leg back - it wasn't working at all and couldn't feel it so not complaining too much. I feel quite lucky in some respects.

    I walk every day as I find 3 days without a walk makes things much much worse and do a little yoga. I have just taken possession of a wedge cushion and am sat on it now as I type. Hoping it will help a bit too.

    I love my wheatbags (the kind you microwave) and have a 'click-heat' (large one for my back) which cost a fair bit many years ago. It's great for long car journeys as you can activate it by clicking a little metal thing and don't need a microwave.

    If you have any tips for us I'd be gad to hear them too!

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    Thank you for the information you sent its really great to talk to people who are dealing with similar health issues, I had an mri yesterday on my lower back so that will be good to know if anything has changed.. I also have a tear on my labral hip joint left side which can cause problems along side degenerative tendon down my left side and have flare ups but have been told physio is the way to deal with it just like the lower back problem Which I do without fail everyday .

    I go for walks most days do my physio and also have a wedge cushion to sit on which I take with me all the time.

    Will be looking at the click heat for the back I didn't realize they did those so that's great information.


    The child pose is suppose to be a good for facet arthritis my physio didn't give me that one I saw it on line which I now do gently.

    I also got the DVD Real people pilates for over 50s beginners ( Liz Chandler) very professionally and the instructions are very precise better then going to any pilates class you can look up online and see a preview.

    Thank you both for your support Shell and Toni